The Best Eco-friendly Gadgets for Your Office

Over the years we have come to realize that climate change is real and that global warming will have drastic outcomes on our planet’s wellbeing. Scientist’s from across the world have shown that if major countries do not collaborate with each other to combat these real-life imposing threats then within the next century, temperatures within the United States alone can rise by 10 degrees. So, in keeping up with the Go Green initiative, let’s take a look at how your office environment can play an active role by adopting some of the following eco-friendly gadgets and practices:

Decomposable Wrapping

There is no doubt that all the packages that come in and out of your office need to package, but have you ever considered choosing a less dangerous material than plastic to send all of those important items. This is all about reducing your firm’s carbon footprint on the planet and biodegradable packaging is easily available and is eco-friendly to dispose of and offer you strength along with lightweight material, you’ll even be able to brag about your office’s environmental responsibility.        

Salt Lamps

Beautiful to behold, crystallized into a rock steady shape, and an undying advantage to keep your indoor air clean, these aesthetically pleasing lamps are what you need. Salt lamps work by emitting negative ions where they are placed, which not only boost your mood and help you work at work with an energetic spirit, but they also purify the air as well. This marvel, most widely known as the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, is a therapy within itself and also enables the reduction of electromagnetic radiation within the workplace. People who have asthma or any other allergy should consider this calming and soothing lamp as a necessary item.

Going Solar

Electricity is created through the burning of fossil fuels, which in return wreaks havoc on our atmosphere. Instead, many corporations are now opting for renewable sources of energy such as wind farms and rooftop solar panels. It is all about awareness and any company that feels strongly against the misuse of utilities should consider a green energy plan. It is fair to say that these renewable sources of energy are accessible more than ever now due to advancements in technology, and this wouldn’t affect performance at the workplace, which means any organization can choose to switch if they want to.

Indoor Plantation

Desk plants are now widely popular and you should consider them. Not only do they yield more oxygen for your colleagues, they are also an effective treatment for any type of chemical imbalance within the office’s indoor air. Your best choices are cactus, a snake plant, a spider plant, Gerber daisy, an aloe, or the Pothos plant. All of them are easy to carry and do not require much space, so cramping your workspace is out of the question.

Incredible Office Stationery & Materials

If you really want things to turn around then the best way to go about it is to bring your office people close to realizing how sometimes making the right choice depends upon choosing the right material for your office. Here are some the best products you should get as soon as you can for your workplace:

  • 7-Year Pen: don’t let the company budget be uselessly spent on ordering boxes of Bic pens. Instead, try out this new and ingenious writing tool that offers high-quality material and promises to last seven years before you need a new one.
  • Alera File Cabinet: made from recyclable materials, these are not only visually appealing but also offer modernistic customizable features that maximize usage.
  • Hand-Powered Paper Shredder: when it’s time to shred then it has to be shredded, but why waste good electricity on it.  Instead, have a good bicep workout or opt for fewer documents to extinguish the next time.
  • Refillable Markers: everyone needs to brainstorm when the time comes for ideation or new concepts within the workplace, but instead of opting for markers that dry out before you reach that whiteboard, why not opt for these eco-friendly counterparts.

We hope this article was able to open your eyes towards making the right decision when it comes to choosing the right materials and gadgets for your office. The choice is in your hands and only together can we make a difference in this world.

Guest article written by: Harry Pattrick works as a content editor and has seven years of experience in the company as a marketing specialist. 

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  1. I’d love to have a salt lamp sitting on my office desk. That would be so cool! A little pump to work more efficiently.


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