Give Your Small Business Marketing Efforts a Boost with Instagram

Small businesses face the constant challenge of fighting the intense competition in the market. This is an ongoing process that never ends. When you as a small business owner are constantly fighting the competition, you should think differently and get creative. Creativity and innovation have shot some small businesses into fame. They have used the power of social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This has helped them to gain brand exposure and awareness. If you have been using Facebook and Twitter for your business needs, it is high time that you use a new entrant on the block- Instagram!

Instagram has been around in the online market since 2010. With Instagram, you can get a competitive advantage for your business. Instagram is a platform that focuses on visual content. This is one of the perfect ways via which you can spread your business message and attract targeted customers. This is why you must use this platform smartly and cleverly. When you are posting on Instagram, you must ensure that it is relevant to your small business. A good test would be to ask yourself some questions like whether the post would be right for your business or do you have something really special that you would like to display on your network?

Make use of powerful content

When you are a small business owner and wish to start off with marketing on Instagram, you must get ready for powerful content. Instagram is a good platform for you as there are several images available for you to post and so, in reality, you do not have to hunt for them. The first tip is that the audience must follow your business and the best way for you to start off is to create good visual content. If you are struggling to find good content, start off by taking pictures of your product. If you are a small business offering a service, you may take pictures of your customers and share their experiences of using your service. Instagram has a unique feature known as the Instagram story, and you can use them to create posts that are live for 24 hours and encouraged to be shared before they disappear. Experts say that Instagram stories are a unique and effective way for you to promote and market your small business.

Reach out to a young crowd

People that are using Instagram today have been born and raised in the age of technology. This is why they are technologically savvy as Facebook and Twitter have older users. This audience likes to experience new services and products. This means if you are looking for an extensive platform that will promote and market your business in the online market, Instagram is the place where you should be on if you wish to tap into this targeted audience.

You have the liberty to create as much of visual content you want to market it on this popular platform. You should have a marketing strategy where you should schedule your posts and post them regularly at the right time. The following are some simple tips for small businesses that will help you excel in marketing on Instagram as a small business owner –

1. The post should be personal- When you are creating visual content for your targeted audience on Instagram, you should be personal and go in posts that relate to your product and share the unique experiences of your clients. Personal posts will also help you increase Like4Like on the platform, and this does go a long way in the promotion and the marketing of your business. You can picture of happy customers that have used your products or are satisfied with the experiences of your company. When you are using hashtags, choose the ones that are relevant and popular on the trending lists at the same time. This will promote brand visibility and customer awareness.

2. Be promotional- Contests are a very good way for you to engage your customers and followers in promoting your brand. You can encourage your followers to click photos of them with your products and share them online. This will encourage the participation of your followers. This promotes your brand and helps you to improve lead conversions as well. It is crucial for you to monitor your progress and make changes as and when required.

3. Connect with your customers- If you wish to create a positive brand presence with your customers, connect with them as much as you can. The moment you connect with your customers you give them the personal touch they need when it comes to the use of your goods and services. Customers are always looking for that personal touch, and this is why as a small business respond to their comments and like their comments on your posts as well.

A small business has limited financial resources, and this is why you should resort to Instagram when you are looking for effective marketing of your goods and services on the Internet. Instagram can be accessed from any smartphone and even while you are on the move, you have the liberty to edit and make changes to your post. Be regular in your posting and in case you do not have enough time to post daily, take the help of Gramista that is automation software that helps you to post on Instagram. This makes your work relatively easy as you can schedule your posts accordingly.
Instagram helps you to establish your brand. Download it on your smartphone today and use it for the marketing of your goods and services. You will be surprised at the amazing results you get when you use this platform for reaching out to your targeted audience on the Internet. The platform is free to register, and there are no membership charges for you when it comes to its use for the needs of your business. Small businesses do not have to worry about costs of marketing and advertisement on social media platforms anymore thanks to Instagram!

Guest article written by: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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  1. I think the most important thing for small businesses to flourish on Instagram is the use of Hashtags. You need a solid 30 hashtags so people can comment and like your content. Keep up the great articles. I will be back for more!

  2. I think the most important thing for small businesses to flourish on Instagram is the use of Hashtags. You need a solid 30 hashtags so people can comment and like your content. Keep up the great articles. I will be back for more!


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