Don’t Miss Out On These 5 Ideas for Better Visual Branding

Visual branding can help you stand apart from the competition. Sharing fun, behind-the-scenes photos of your brand on your Instagram page, for examples, instantly warms the hearts of your profile visitors. This single act can win you many new customers.

However, there are rules to be followed. While most images and videos are touching, you must have a clear strategy and use only visual materials that actually add value to your branding efforts. The following are tips to follow to get more ROI from the visual branding campaign.

1. Know your audience

Fully understanding your audience is the first step to a successful visual branding campaign. That’s because until you know who you’re talking to, you’re unlikely to know what to say. We recommend that you begin by identifying the; age, gender, location, income, occupation, and other critical demographic information about your audience.  If you already have a buyer persona that you use for other marketing efforts, use it. If not, this is the time to create one. 

2. Communicate your point of differentiation

Visual branding, like any other marketing campaign, must show what makes you different. Every SMB is up against thousands of competing businesses. Your point of differentiation is that unique thing about you that makes people bypass the competition in favour of your brand. Your visual branding must communicate this message. If you have to create a video to communicate the message adequately, so be it.

3. Consistency is vital

Visual branding typically combines multiple forms of media. Additionally, the branding campaign is likely to run for an extended period, perhaps several months or even a few years. It is critical to maintaining consistency throughout your branding material, right through the campaign period. This removes confusion and helps consumers quickly identify your brand. To achieve consistency, avoid multiple fonts, colours, or design styles.

4. Don’t start and end with the logo

The logo is a big part of visual branding. However, it’s not the only aspect that matters. Elements like fonts and texture, which are frequently overlooked, are part and parcel of your visual branding too. The same applies to colour palette, typography, imagery, slogan, and badge design. These elements need just as much attention. So, don’t spend your entire budget creating the perfect logo. If the other branding elements don’t match up, those efforts will go to waste.

5. Involve experts

It is fun taking photos on your own and writing your brand slogans by yourself. But, can you do it right? Can you take photos of the right quality? Do you understand angles, lighting and all that – because these factors determine the quality of an image! Do you even have the right camera? And, when it comes to creating the logo, you must understand colour shades, texture, and many other factors. Do you have this knowledge? If not, which is the case for most SMB owners, find a professional.

Get Started Today

You’ve put too much money in your business to fail at this point. Don’t let yourself down by settling for below average branding. Follow the above tips for visual branding that amplifies your growth.

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