6 Advantages of Streaming vs. Cable TV

Experts have been threatening it for a while – cable TV is dying. Maybe it’s already dead, depending on where you live. But even though more and more people are signing up for streaming services, there are still audiences who are holding steadfast to their cable subscriptions.

If you’re among the undecided population who can’t see the advantages of letting go of their long-held cable subscription, let’s dedicate some time to exploring streaming services. What are their advantages, and in what ways are they better than good ol’ cable TV?

1. It’s available anytime

Probably the biggest advantage of cutting ties (and cords) with your cable company and switching to a streaming service is that you have any program you want, at any time you want.

You see, with a traditional cable subscription, you are entirely at the mercy of the cable provider. The broadcaster will show you whatever they want to, whenever they want to. Your choice is only to tune in at the time decided by them or not.

Streaming services revolutionized the idea of “watching TV”, because they eliminated the idea of having to be at home at a certain time to watch your show. It no longer matters when broadcasters want to show you the newest episode of your show, because you can put it on whenever you want to.

Whether that’s on a slow Friday night, or during your lunchbreak on Wednesday, you are no longer bound to a schedule.

2. You get as much content as you want

And speaking of content being available anytime, it’s also available all at once. Gone are the days of waiting around for a full week to see what your favorite characters have been up to. Streaming services allow you to fill up hours of your time by “binging” your favorite content.

Sure, the practice is controversial. There is something to be said about a certain pleasure and anticipation that is lost when there is no longer a wait involved. It feeds into our desire for instant gratification.

But whether you are a “binger” or not, the important thing is that the option exists. It gives YOU the freedom of deciding whether you want to consume a full season in one sitting or savor it over a longer period of time.

The possible downside: The so-called practice of “binging” shows may not be the healthiest. Plus, you go through content at a rapid pace and risk being left with nothing to watch.

3. It’s available anywhere

Part of the freedom of streaming is that it releases the viewer from the shackles of the living room. TV viewing is traditionally a very “fixed” activity. You sit on the sofa, in front of the TV. If you stray too far away, you risk missing out on parts of your program. Not ideal, is it?

Streaming makes it possible to enjoy your content on virtually any screen, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. You can take your content anywhere, and pause it and play it as much as you want.

TV is no longer viewed at a certain time, on your living room sofa. Now, you can watch your shows or movies in bed, while you’re cooking dinner, in the bathtub, during your train commute, on a long flight, in the waiting room at the doctor’s, etc.

With how busy we all are, there isn’t always time for consuming the content we love at traditional times, in traditional ways. And when you need to get your latest fix, you get it when and where you can, even if it’s in your car, on your lunch break, staring into your tiny phone screen.

The possible downside: Some may feel like this blurred line between appropriate times to view content may not be the best idea. Taking your phone into the bathroom so you won’t have to pause your show may seem like a cry for help.

4. You have more variety

Another major point to make, here, is the extraordinary variety of content you get with steaming services. With cable TV, you’re bound to the schedule that the broadcaster is imposing and the channels offered by the cable company. It’s just a matter of choosing among what is being offered to you.

Streaming puts a much bigger variety of content at your disposal. You can switch from movies to TV shows to documentaries, all through the same service. And you never have to miss one program that is being showed because you’re watching a different one on another channel.

Anything you’re in the mood for is available and there for the taking – any time you want, anywhere you want. It’s a freedom that is simply lacking with traditional cable TV. Different channels cater to different audiences, tastes, and preferences, but never before has there been a platform that offers you everything, all at the same time.

5. You’re still able to get TV content

You may be thinking that if you choose to become a cord cutter, you miss out on content that is being broadcast on TV. However, that is false. In fact, you most likely will still have access to most of your favorite TV content.

A lot of the content broadcast on TV nowadays is available online anyway, on channels’ respective websites and streaming services. Alternatively, the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) sometimes post TV content almost immediately after airing, or all at once, once the season is over.

That way, you’re not actually missing anything. You can still watch all of your long-time favorites, while gaining a lot of other content. And even if it’s not available to stream online, chances are you can purchase DVDs, box sets, etc. of your favorites to have them forever.

The possible downside: Not all the content you will be seeking will be available. At least, not immediately, or legally.

6. Get exclusive streaming content

One of the main draws of streaming services is actually the original content they are putting out. Far from being just third-party streamers, the major platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu have started putting out their own exclusive content. This helps streaming services compete with each other.

A lot of these shows and movies are some of the most popular titles around, many of them critically acclaimed. The media scene is changing rapidly, and these online exclusives are receiving the recognition they have earned and deserve.

So, while you’re not necessarily missing out on what’s on TV, you are actually gaining content that you would not be able to get elsewhere. That’s a net win for streaming services.


As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to be enjoyed once you work up the courage to become a cord cutter and switch to streaming services. While cable has its charm and its loyal following, streaming has some indisputable benefits that cable simply does not offer.

It’s mostly a matter of the freedom it puts at your disposal and the way it revolutionizes what it means to “watch TV”. Whether you’re looking for a bigger variety of content, or just the ability to watch anything you want, anywhere and anytime you want, switching to streaming can be your ideal solution.

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