7 Major 2019 SEO Trends That You Must Know

The new year is just around the corner and its time for SEO professionals to make preparations for it. WordPress is a web development platform with amazing SEO capabilities. It is one of the major reasons due to which existing website owners convert HTML to WordPress or migrate from other platforms. We are presenting a list of some important 2019 SEO trends that will be visible in the coming days. This year saw mobile devices becoming even more popular which has massively impacted online searches. Artificial Intelligence is also affecting users’ interaction with online content and SEO professionals have to strategize accordingly. Let’s discuss these upcoming trends that are expected to become popular in the coming year.

1. Ensure Better Page Speed On All Devices

Google wants to provide the best and most accurate results to its users. A website must fulfill certain conditions apart from containing the information a person is searching. Security is one of the criteria which has forced many people to enable HTTPS encryption on their interfaces. Another factor is the page loading speed. Websites that take longer to load are ranked poorly by the search engine giant. Earlier SEO professionals had to ensure that only the desktop versions of their interfaces were loading quickly. With mobile devices becoming more popular, they have to make sure that the websites take minimum time to load on such gadgets.

2. Increased Usage Of Optimized Video Content

The consumption of video content is expected to beat all other content forms in the near future. This means that the video will become an even more powerful marketing tool. Video marketing will gain more importance in the coming year and SEO professionals must focus on creating optimized visual content. Video sharing sites such as YouTube are similar to search engines and therefore content optimization is necessary. Include relevant keywords in the title of the clip as well as the accompanying description. This will ensure that irrespective of the platform it has been posted on, a clip will appear in related search results.

3. Mobile-friendliness Is Mandatory

It has been sometime now since Google started recommending responsive web design. Earlier this year, it started migrating select websites which were following best practices to mobile-first indexing. This means that the search engine giant will use the mobile version for ranking an interface. Mobile-friendliness will become a mandatory feature for websites and users who still not have a responsive interface must get one. Website owners must crawl their pages with a mobile bot to get an idea about how spiders will see their pages. They must also monitor the page loading speed of the mobile version at regular intervals.

4. Brand Mentions Being Used As A Ranking Signal

Experts say that Google is using brand mentions as a ranking signal. This is another one of the major 2019 SEO trends that will be more visible in the future. The search engine is helped by unlinked brand mentions to understand that a particular brand is an entity. When it evaluates its associated properties, it gets an idea about the brand’s authority in its domain. It also takes into consideration other factors like the dependability, reputation, advertising etc. to assess the brand’s quality. This means that brand mentions can affect the SERP rankings. Backlinks will always remain a strong signal and, therefore, the brand must be naturally mentioned at every possible opportunity. Online reputation management also becomes vital because of this reason.

5. Voice Search Will Become More Common

The profusion of smart devices has had a deep impact on SEO. Increasing usage of voice for searching is another one of the major effects of the rise of such gadgets. An increasing number of people are using voice search to find local business information. The advent of other voice-enabled devices like smart speakers which use AI-based technology have also contributed to increased voice searches. These kinds of searches will only become more common next year and professionals will have to optimize their pages accordingly. People will use a conversational tone during these searches and the keywords will have to be modified keeping the change in mind.

6. GDPR Compliance Will Have To Be Ensured

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforced by the European Union for protecting the private information of individuals will also have to be considered by SEO professionals. Google made changes to Analytics after the introduction of the law. Personal user information related to demographics and affinity data will be deleted after 26 months. Similar regulations can be expected to be enacted in other jurisdictions soon. It will be sensible if website owners immediately make changes in their privacy policy and cookie consent form.

7. Optimize For Amazon

Amazon search optimization is expected to emerge as a separate field in the coming year. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the whole world. It will not be incorrect to say that it drives the world’s e-commerce economy. Every online business operator wants to join the platform and optimizing the product titles and descriptions becomes a key strategy. SEO experts feel that more clients will approach professionals for Amazon search optimization.


The above-mentioned 2019 SEO trends are just a few vital factors that are expected to influence SEO in the coming year. As time passes, we can be sure to expect other small trends that will grow to become the new normal.

Guest article written by: Jacon Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides custom wordpress development services in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress and SEO related tutorials.

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  3. Informative content piece! SEOs are trying to adapt to changes that follow. That’s how SEO trends are born. Always staying updated with the changing trends in search engine optimization (SEO) is a must if a website is going to be seen by targeted customers. In fact, using some old and outdated tactics in SEO can result in penalties for website that drag down listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google.

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