A.I. Security Cameras are the Latest High-Tech Trends for 2019

Artificial Intelligence Technology is massively proliferating through the world and evolving at a rapid pace. AI has been implemented by several Multi-National organizations that started research and development programs. This subsequently led to obtaining an AI which would be known for achieving perfection. 

You can use AI for better operation, handling of workers, data management, inventory management, stock monitoring. Along with the healthcare industry, the security industry, education sector, advanced marketing, manufacturing process and there are many more advantages of using.

As Artificial Intelligence advances, the A.I secuirty cameras are the latest high-tech trends for 2019. This states that the security problem will be eradicated with the introduction of AI high tech security cameras. But at first, you must have a briefing on what Artificial Intelligence is and how can it help you in real-time. 

What is Artificial Intelligence & its Application in Everyday life? 

Artificial Intelligence is a domain of computer science and its main focus is in the formation of Intelligent machines that work and behave like humans. Any machine that mimics human or our intellectual activities such as problem-solving, planning, learning and ability to manipulate is an AI.

Artificial Intelligence can help to increase sales, manage the supply chain and keep records, detect fraud, solve problems. Furthermore, it can also assist to improve customer experience, automate work processes, improve security and make a predictive analysis.

Now, let’s look into the potentials and how can A.I powered security cameras can change the secuirty management programs in our daily life. New technology can change our lives; Is there any trap? Come let’s find out and get a deep insight into the application and use of high tech AI security cameras.

A. I Security Cameras are the latest High-Tech Trends for 2019

In the U.S there are almost 50 million surveillance cameras in the road monitoring your activity round the clock. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report the emergence of surveillance carried out by the robots marks a rising number of security cameras installed by the government. 

Advancement in facial recognition technology and A.I technology are making those cameras more efficient and useful. But reports also show that this AI involvement can make amendments to the civil right issues.

But does A.I security cameras solve security issues and prevent crime?

Artificial Intelligence technologies like pattern matching, predictive analysis, and computer vision are improving. They are helping governments, businesses, and even individuals and making it obvious to apply AI in physical secuirty environments. It can protect the government as well as business properties and other secure facilities as well. 

Predictive analysis and other AI-powered crime analysis tools have made significant improvements. Companies have been using AI with Game theory to predict terrorist targets and even their time of attacks. 

The coast guard uses Armorway software for port security in New York, Los Angeles, Boston. It can draw on data sources having passenger load numbers to changes in traffic. Then, it creates a schedule so that terrorists can’t predict increased police presence in the area.

In the month of July, a fully armed man entered the mosque and started firing and he even was live-streaming the shooting on Facebook that killed 51 and wounded almost 49 people. The mosque was sieged and a new tech security system was then developed by Athena Security.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence leads to the installation of cameras both inside and outside the mosque. The cameras can now recognize lethal threats within seconds and then set up emergency response. They could even warn the securities prior to any imminent danger.

After other mass shootings around the world, it has inspired them to install AI security cameras in the hope of saving lives.

Once Che Guevara said, “A life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on Earth”.

Monitoring and Controlling Crowds

Areas that experience massive gatherings due to festive events, huge parades, marathons or open theatres, where thousands of people meet, need smart AI security checks to prevent an attack. AI-powered cameras and the physical securities help in keep an eye on the crowd and detect potential threats. 

Public places are rapidly making use of AI-enhanced image and video technology so that it can allow the mass of people to pass through under strict surveillance, constantly.

Facial recognition technologies powered by AI are being adopted in airports and public places having massive footfalls to help monitor a variety of tasks which includes advanced secuirty. The computer vision system has the potential to swiftly scan the face of the passenger and compare it against an existing photo database to check previous activities.

A Chinese company HikVision is manufacturing cameras with built-in deep neural networks.

AI-enhanced security cameras can now detect unnatural human behavior, unattended bags in streets or a suspicious car.


Hopefully, you will like the article on A.I. Security Cameras Are the Latest High-Tech trends for 2019. Further, encourage your friends and families to check the facts. Besides, nothing can be more important than your security and privacy.

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