Examples of Brand Personalization That Boost Customer Loyalty

Brand personalization means showcasing individualistic offers or content to your clients. This individualization is made from consumers previous habits and demographic location. Doing that makes people customers to be feel appreciated and valued so they will always feel glued to your business.  Brands that don’t use personalization are losing lots of revenue because clients feel undervalued and not cared for. To make sure you increase your customer trust and loyalty, here are some of the personalization examples you can always follow. You can be creative as well so that you personalize based on clients’ preference.

Suggest Complimentary Goods

Depending on what your client is buying from you, you can suggest complimentary goods so that they don’t have to always such for themselves. An example is when your client buys a shirt and may there is matching watch. You can recommend fashion accessories to fit their individual needs and make them enjoy a lot. People who buy dresses can also be shown shoes as product recommendations so that they select what color and size matches them. With product recommendations, people like they are care so they will always come to your store and buy from you.

Sort Recent Products First

Depending on what your client was looking for the last time they visited your store, you need to put the recent products. Maybe the client has come to your site to find the new product so let them see it before they start browsing page after page of your site. An example is when you add a new fashion design of the previous design that you client was looking for. The client will feel like you understand the his or her preference and he or she would always come to your site to visit it again and again.

Discount Your Products in Category Forms

As you offer discounts, make sure you display coupons based on the interest of the customer. Take for example if you display a discount on dresses to a person who always buys phones or electronics. It would be irrelevant. Based on client’s preference, make sure you always display the discount on appropriate product categories. You may reduce products up to a half the price but if people don’t like the products, it would be hard for you to make a sale. Know what your client and display products only on that category.

Use Personalized Homepage Banners

You client previously purchase a product, why not show a banner of a product in that category the moment he or she visits your online store? You will be able to stimulate that trustworthiness because probably the client has not seen personalization from other stores. Make a banner on every product category and since most ecommerce stores use artificial intelligence, it would be easy for the site to know what your client previously purchased. The add will then be displayed on the homepage and people will always feel appreciated. You will gain a lot of customer trust.

Personalized Email Based on Previous Behaviors

As you do email marketing, it is important to do it based on consumer trends. Most consumers take action when products are specified and customized so they know they are directly touched. You will see a lot of purchases and referrals from previous consumers. That is the best way to ensure you enjoy excellent business growth.


Brand personalization is more of addressing your clients at a personal level. They are the ones that make your business to grow so why not address them in an individualistic manner. An example is when a client purchases a watch like the omega seamaster 300m, you need to recommend product of that same category and quality.

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