Importance of Personalizing B2B Marketing Efforts

One of the cardinal rules of B2B marketing success is delivering the right message to the right customers at the most appropriate time. Personalization is a key that can help marketers boost the effectiveness of the marketing message.

Personalization can help lower the cost of acquiring new customers by about 50 percent, boost revenues by up to 15 percent, and improve marketing effectiveness by 30 percent. This is according to a McKinsey report that has highlighted the importance of personalization for marketing effectiveness.

1. Boost Lead Conversion

Personalization can help ease the task of lead conversion. The approach allows delivering actual value as opposed to assumed value. This results in improved chances of converting leads into customers.

Knowing what the business customers are looking for and customizing the product offering can have a positive impact on lead conversion and business profitability.

2. Positive Customer Experience

Another important reason to personalize the message is that it leads to improved customer satisfaction. Bombarding your customers with standard marketing messages won’t be effective. Personalizing the content will influence the purchase decision leading to improved chances of conversion.

The improved customer experience will also lead to improved customer retention. Acquiring new customers require a lot of effort. Increasing customer retention can lead to improved profitability.

3. Uncovering the Real Problem

Customization of the marketing message can also help in uncovering the real issue that the target market wants to be addressed. This will help the marketing personnel to better customize the message to align with the needs of the customer.

By personalization of the marketing message, marketers will understand what pain points are addressed by the solution. The result will be more targeted marketing that leads to improved conversion.

4. Gain Trust

Customizing your content is a good way to show that your organization really cares about the needs of the target market. Trust is a critical factor that can help a business to improve loyalty and boost revenue.

When the marketing message is aligned to the needs of a company, the target market will more likely respond to the effort. They will feel valued that in turn will build trust and help in making them loyal customers in the long run.

5. Return on Investment

Any investment of time and effort into customizing the marketing message will result in a positive return on investment. The customized marketing effort will provide positive returns on marketing investment.

Customization will show to customers that you care about their needs. Any commitment of time and effort in customizing the marketing message will pay back in the form of improved brand image, increased trust, and enhanced profitability.

A personalized approach can help in better aligning the product or service offering to the actual needs of the users. Using techniques such as account based marketing to personalize marketing message can help boost ROI and improve profitability.

With this approach, a business can hit the bullseye every single time in reaching the target market. The simple act of personalizing the services can have a big impact on the company’s bottom-line.


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