Mistakes the Small Businesses make on Instagram

With half a billion users Instagram is chock full of compelling content that engages people. It can be a tricky platform. The cultivated aesthetics and ad-options of Instagram are a waste of time and energy if misused.

However, it is a great tool to leverage your brand and its appeal to the customers. It is a rich goldmine for the businesses irrespective of their sizes, and best of all, it is free. The small brands with their more prominent counterparts can also be up to the par on Instagram. But to get brand recognition on Instagram, the small businesses have to avoid a few mistakes discussed later in the article.

What goes wrong on Instagram for small businesses?

Being Social is hard, but a business must be on popular Social Media platforms if it wants to be successful these days. It is essential to identify the right Social Media platform before investing in digital marketing.

If you are managing a startup business or starting an online company, then you need to ensure that you have picked the right platform accordingly. Instagram is one of the busiest Social Media platforms that is proving equal opportunities to small as well as large businesses to grow. But we see several repeat mistakes from small brands on Instagram that end up costing them.

Here are a few mistakes the small businesses need to avoid on Instagram:

  • Ignore the bio description:

Instagram gives you an opportunity to voice your brand. You cannot leave the introductory feature blank particularly your bio description. Your bio tells the users who you are and what your brand is about. If there is nothing impressive in your bio, then the visitors will not become your Instagram Followers.

  • Being inconsistent:

One of the significant blunders small businesses make on Instagram is being inconsistent. If you are uploading content once or twice a month, you will not get any followers. Even you may lose the existing followers if you have any.

The reason is that the users will forget about the existence of your brand on Social Media. So, it is imperative to maintain a consistent posting cadence. One thing that is necessary to state here is that when multiple people produce your content, it becomes difficult for your fans to relate to your brand.

  • Going overboard to get followers:

You want to grow the number of your Instagram Followers. Some businesses buy real Instagram followers and it may work for them. The small brands having not enough budgets think asking people to follow will work well.  But asking bluntly to follow everyone on Instagram is a big mistake the small businesses do.

  • Miss the creativity factor:

It is difficult to raise your hand and tell people that your brand is too there on Social Media. Small businesses have low budgets so, how can they be get noticed on Instagram. They should think out of the box and show their creativity to drive the attention of potential followers. You should not fill your Instagram feed with the same repeated photos of your product with the same words like “Buy our product” or “Order online” etc. Write some eye-catching captions and use provocative words to describe the features and benefits of the product you want to promote.

Honestly, you cannot develop any successful strategy until you know what your goals are. The businesses that only follow foots-steps of successful companies on Social Media may win but for a short time. You need to be unique and attractive to grow your business on Social Media.

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    Instagram is such a popular social media platform these days. I am looking at ways to get more Instagram followers and expand my horizon. I am glad i landed on your post.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing article online. I really loved the way you have included all the essential points in the above blog post. Many newbies do the above-mentioned mistakes which don’t result well at last for their business. I will definitely be sharing it with my online communities. Expecting more such quality posts in the future… 🙂

  4. Hey Claus,

    Bio is indeed the most important part of an Instagram profile. No one wants to connect with people, they don’t know anything about. Even a small sentence can give an idea about the brand/ the person behind.

    I have recently started with Instagram and yet to learn the ways to increase my follower base. Thank you so much for sharing these tips here.

    Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

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  6. Recently I have increased my followers from 0 to 1000 followers on Instagram within 3 months.
    Though I know it can be achieved in less time also, but I was posting only one post if you post more you get more.
    There is consistency demands with the engaging post.


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