The Rise of Live Streaming: How Live Streaming Has Transformed the World of Gaming

Video games have taken on many forms and gone through many changes over the decades. They began as very simple and small games, and now they take on entire worlds of their own. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen to video gaming is the rise of live streaming.

There are over 15 million daily active streamers on the platform Twitch alone, and this number will continue to rise. People are going mad for live streaming and more businesses are getting involved with it as well.

No matter where people are streaming from, it’s clear that people love to watch and broadcast gameplay. Let’s dive in and see how live streaming has changed the face of gaming online

How Did it Become Popular?

The main reason for the popularity of live streaming is because of the audiences. By broadcasting and streaming gameplay to an online audience, you can reach thousands, and sometimes millions, of people at once. 

When people watch these streams, they get instant entertainment in real time and it forms a connection with the streamer, even if they don’t personally interact. As mentioned above, Twitch is the most popular live streaming site for video games. The somewhat simple concept of broadcasting gameplay has transformed the gaming industry and now more people are getting involved with it.

One thing that makes live streaming more popular than Let’s Plays (pre-recorded videos of gameplay uploaded online) is that it offers a unique and exclusive one-time experience. Everything you see is happening in that exact moment, and once it’s done, it’s over. 

What’s the Impact?

Now that we know how live streaming games has become so popular, let’s discuss the impact it’s had on the world of gaming. All kinds of games have been live streamed, from first-person shooters to simulation games and much more. Even the world of online casino gaming has adapted live streaming, like the casino at William Hill, with options where people can play live games, live tournaments and even have a live human dealer. This offers a realistic experience to players reminiscent of on-land casinos but with the flexibility of being able to play from home.

Live streaming games has also had a hugely positive impact on the world in recent news. Recently, a Twitch streamer called hbomberguy held a Donkey Kong live stream, during which he managed to raise over $250,000 for trans charity Mermaids.

There are also a number of people who have turned their live streaming hobby into their actual careers. Popular Twitch streamer Ninja earns an estimated $500,000 per month from his streams, and there are many others who are thought to make millions each year.

What is the Future of Live Streaming?

Live streaming has had a profound effect on many industries, from YouTube vlogging to gaming to charity and more. It’s still relatively new and we still don’t know the true extent of this technology.

Realistically, most people aren’t going to make live streaming into their careers, and not every industry is going to implement it properly, but there is still a lot of great potential for it.

It’s exciting to see where this could all go in the future and how other industries can implement live streaming technology properly. Only time will tell what the future of live streaming holds, but so far it looks very promising.

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