The Top Wholesale Businesses in 2019

Thousands of people generate millions of dollars every day using eCommerce and drop shipping platforms and software with very minimal upfront investment necessary; dropshipping appeals to many entrepreneurs across the world.

That said, there are plenty of setbacks to overcome before somebody can achieve significant levels of revenue from their dropshipping endeavors. The first of these is setting up with right platform, running a business, and expanding that business.

With this in mind, we’ve tried and tested some of the world’s leading dropshipping companies based around the following attributes:

  • Support of all significant dropshipping plugins
  • Order tracking capability
  • Full-sync with suppliers’ inventory
  • Returns Policies
  • One-click product import
  • Order auto-fulfillment
  • Store customization
  • Price

We’ve identified the top 5 eCommerce platforms with drop shipping capabilities that will help you understand, explore, and expand your business idea.

In This Article, We’ll Review

  • 1 Shopify + Oberlo
  • 2 WooCommerce + AliDropship
  • 3 Spocket + Shopify/WooCommerce
  • 4 Dropified
  • 5 SaleSource

Shopify + Oberlo

Shopify is one of the world’s most trusted, respected, and influential eCommerce platforms. It’s fantastic for beginners who need to learn the ropes and are not very technically minded. With this platform, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.


There are a wealth of advanced integrations and a library of upselling tools from which to choose. Now that Oberlo has acquired Shopify, they have heightened their order fulfillment and product import capabilities. It’s user friendly, offers excellent support for customers, and has excellent order tracking.

The Disadvantages

Shopify charges for extra plugins and integrations. There are also transaction fees, which can be daunting to sellers that are just starting.

Shopify has three packages ranging from $29.99 to $299 per month plus transaction fees, and a free two-week trial.

WooCommerce + AliDropship

With a range of free features to choose from, this is one of the most popular choices with drop shipping vendors. We think it’s a fantastic place to establish a large or small online business.


Users can control their online store, with a selection of customizable designs and themes. The plugin is free and installs easily, which is ideal for experienced web developers. There is also a range of auto-dropshipping plugins to make store management a breeze.


Although this plugin is free, retailers much buy hosting, domains, and other integrations that they require. It can be challenging to set up and will need additional skills to create a good looking design. If you don’t have the web-development experience, try something else.

WooCommerce is a free plugin that works exclusively with WordPress, but it requires additional annual hosting and domain fees.

Spocket + Shopify/WooCommerce

Famous for its western suppliers, and easy setup, Spocket is the best option for dropshipping merchants in Europe and the Americas. Packed with many excellent features, it’s more affordable than some competing eCommerce platforms.


The interface is super-easy to navigate, allowing merchants to connect up their WooCommerce or Shopify store within minutes. Aimed explicitly at drop shippers, the service provides non-branded packaging, yet it will enable branded invoices. This helps with merchants looking to increase their brand credibility.

Because they provide suppliers based in Europe and the United States, shipping times can be decreased by over a half compared to AliExpress dropshipping.


There are fees in place for all premium products, even with short shipping times. Also, their 7-day trial isn’t long enough for many users.


As an excellent alternative to Oberlo, Dropified offers everything a drop shipper needs to start and grow their business. Every task is automated, saving sellers around twenty hours a week. This gives them more time to concentrate on their business.


Dropified works with AliExpress, allowing sellers access to a multitude of products and suppliers. Additionally, the company works closely with over 100 different supplier directories, which gives sellers immediate global outreach potential.

With features such as setup price sync, levels sync, Epacket fillers, one-click order fulfillment, and more, a free Chrome extension the importation of products effortless.


No free version available, not great for small businesses.

You can trial Dropified for free for 14 days. after that, the lowest plan is $47 per month.


Designed exclusively for dropshipping businesses, this company provides cutting-edge tools and excellent services for all drop shipping vendors.


SaleSource is already integrated with the leading eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay. They have a fantastic chrome extension that massively simplifies product research. Plus, there is a considerable amount of different reports built into this platform and available for all merchants to analyze all aspects of their business in detail. Salesource also allows you to track the sale funnels and manage all business activities with safety and efficiency.


The product catalog is relatively small (1.5 mil products), but it’s growing all the time. You can trial SaleSourcet for free for seven days, after that, the cheapest plan is $69 per month


All the platforms above are perfect for any drop shipping business, the right one for you depends on your products, reach, skills, and requirements.

So before you embark on your dropshipping adventure, think long and hard about what you want to achieve. Good luck as you navigate through the e-commerce landscape.

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