Top 5 Benefits of Becoming a Microsoft Certified

Individuals are using many Microsoft products in their professional and personal sphere. These products include many complex and simple software such as MS Powerpoint, MS Project, MS Word, and MS Excel. This is why Microsoft products are the basic requirements for most jobs.

If you have adequate awareness of Microsoft products, there are much higher chances of getting an interview call. If you are certified in a demanding certification of Microsoft such as az-103 and MS-900, you will obviously get hired for a job if you are skilled as well.

Almost every person who is related to IT is familiar with Microsoft. We are using basic products of Microsoft such as MS Excel and MS Word in our day to day routine. These products of Microsoft are of basic level. There are many other advanced products of Microsoft.

Why Microsoft is Offering Certifications?

MS is offering many certifications to understand their specific products deeply. For instance Microsoft Azure Fundamentals az-900 and Microsoft dynamics 365 MS-900. Microsoft is providing certification to those who are attempting and passing the exam of Microsoft.
We can learn the basics of various Microsoft products. But to understand the core features of any MS product, Microsoft is offering certifications. These credentials help us in building our careers in IT and validate our skills.

Individuals and organizations, both are getting many benefits by using Microsoft products. Organizations are willing to get maximum benefits by using MS products. They are hiring certified professionals because they have a better understanding that what a specific product can do.

In this article, we’ll discuss some benefits that an individual can get by becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Fluency of using MS Office:

It will make you capable of using various MS products. You can use MS Office fluently. A certified professional can create documents easily using Microsoft Word. practical hands-on MS Powerpoint will increase the capability of creating presentations smoothly.
MS Project is very helping MS products for managers and administrators to manage multiple projects at the same time. Using these various MS products fluently will increase your speed of work.
For career prospects, practical experience and certification of these skills are very crucial.

Build Great Charts:

Become an expert chart builder after becoming fluent with Microsoft Programs. For business analytics and finance professionals it is an ideal job to create charts using any tool. But this skill is not limited to these professionals only. At some level, almost every job requires this skill.

Charts are very helpful in your job. In order to understand the data and compare various figures, charts are very helpful.

Collate Data Together:

Data is very crucial in today’s world. Confidential data of any person is everything for him. But only confidential data isn’t important. Data is important to support your point of view. MS Excel is a very famous product from Microsoft. For the support of your point of view, an individual can use MS Excel for storing and retrieving data.

This application is used worldwide for data handling. Sorting Data in a well-mannered way is really helpful in accessing data later.


Microsoft is a very reputed organization worldwide. Its various products are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere at any time. Accessing product online increases the flexibility of work. Using cloud-based Microsoft products such as MS-900 makes sharing it with business leaders and stakeholders very comfortable.

Your ability to work on MS products smoothly as an employee will build your career in the right direction according to your will.

Career Opportunities:

One and foremost important aspect of doing MS certification is increased career opportunities. Doing any certification of Microsoft such as MS-900 will increase career opportunities for you. With your MS credential, you can vouch for analytical roles.

With your expertise and fluent use of Microsoft products, every organization will pay you a handsome amount willingly.

Ending Thoughts:

Above mentioned are just some of the many benefits that an individual can get after becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. Certification will be a stamp of guarantee on your skills. Organizations these days are looking for certified professionals to work for them. Certification will make your resume prominent in front of the Human resource department.

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