This Gadget is Disinfecting Phones from Germs, While Scrubbing Data From It

by Klaus on October 24, 2019

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There is a new product making waves in the medical space called the ElectroClaveTM. It was created specifically to combat the issues that have arisen from the increased usage of mobile devices in healthcare. The emergence of mobile devices has completely changed how hospitals function, for better or worse. They’re an innovation that while increasing efficiency in many ways, can also lead to various health risks. Phones that aren’t properly cleaned can spread various types of infections, which lead to nearly 100,000 deaths per year

The ElectroClaveTM was specifically designed with the help of people from some of the top hospitals in the world such as Johns Hopkins and the Yale New Haven Hospital. The device provides 360° UV-C disinfection so that every millimeter of an iPhone or an iPad is completely safe to use. The disinfection process was built in a way so that zero heat is generated, and the devices aren’t degraded in any way. Each disinfection cycle is tracked to the second and utilizes smart algorithms that correct for LED strengthening over time in order to ensure the same dosage and effectiveness is achieved whether the unit has run 1 cycle or 120,000 cycles.           

On top of that, hospitals have to worry about being time efficient perhaps more than any other industry. Every second of wasted time could be the difference between life and death. That’s why so many crucial features were added to the ElectroClaveTM that take into account the various other tasks associated with mobile devices. One of those key features is the ability to reimage devices and scrub the data that a previous patient provided, so that the device is ready for the next patient to use. This is not only great for efficiency, but also for privacy. 

Here is where the product jumps into the 22nd century, though. Hospitals aren’t just buying this device for hypothetical usage. This device comes with software to hold people accountable for keeping their mobile devices constantly disinfected. It keeps track of who’s been disinfecting their phones and when. There is even an accompanying mobile app that sends notifications to people regarding their device’s disinfection status and when they need to run another disinfection cycle. This is the future of health-standards compliance in hospitals. By utilizing this data, there is hard evidence that demonstrates to any regulators that hospitals using this technology are going the extra mile to keep patients safe. 

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