Why are Watches a Better Investment than Your Gadgets

The gadgets and watches have a different role in our daily needs. In today’s time, the innovation of technology keeps on growing without hitting a brake. The innovation towards watch has collided with the technology. Some companies combined the concept of watch and technology and created a smartwatch.

People always wait for newly updated devices and buy them right away if they found it amusing. Gadgets and technology have deeply rooted in our daily life. Without technology, we might have a hard time living in this era. We use watches for fashion for any event. Few people waited for newly updated watches, as only a few people are interested in watches. 

People tend to invest in gadgets rather than watches. The gadgets innovation pique the interest of many people while watches get the attention of only selected people. It’s better to invest in watches rather than investing in gadgets.

Here are some reasons why you need to invest in watches rather than gadgets:


Without a doubt, newly released gadget has a high cost, and the interest of the people is at its peak, and the authentic watches are also the same. The difference between these two is the dropping of value. Authentic watches are slowly dropping on their value and might have a chance to become a vintage watch. In gadgets, there is no such thing as vintage gadgets that has a high value. 

The reason for the drop in value for gadgets is its innovation. Devices like mobile phones update their specs, design, and performance every year. If a new mobile phone releases on the market, the value of the older version of the mobile phone will inevitably drop. Three to four years of innovation for mobile phones, the price of that mobile phone will be cut in half.


Luxury watches[1]  are expensive that ranges from 500$ up to 20,000$ that depends on brand and materials while the gadget’s costs can range from 20$ up to 1,500$ that depends on the device, brand, and materials. The higher price that the gadget offers, the better performance and features it can offer, unlike luxury or authentic watches, it varies with brand, design, and materials.

Re-Selling Value

In the past years, people do buy and sell things not only on gadgets and watches, even on automotive, houses, and many more. The reselling value for watches might not go down that much and might be sold more than it’s selling retail price if a watch will be put on the list for a vintage watch. The prices of gadgets like laptops, cellphones, tablets, and other technology will surely drop 40% of their price, five years after its release.


The technology industry is continuing to develop and upgrade its performance every year to have people satisfaction. The development of technology will improve every year. The downside of this fastest-growing innovation for technology is the value of the older version of its product is close to none.

The older version can’t keep up with the satisfaction of the needs of people; that’s why they replace their gadgets for the newer one. Watches will not lose their performance and continue to work like its a brand new watch. You don’t need to buy watches every year, and you can save more money if you invest in watches rather than gadgets.


Gadgets will continue to evolve every year, and it is not a good idea to invest in devices as you will lose money more than you expect. If you want to invest something, invest it on a watch. Even ten years will pass, the watch will not lose it’s valued that much and will not lose its performance, unlike the gadgets.

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  1. Nowadays everyone is looking for a smartwatch that has a large LCD screen from which we can do all the tasks.


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