Is it worth to build a dating app like tinder?

When we talk about dating apps, what is the name that comes to our mind first? It is none other than tinder. Tinder is a highly popular online dating app prevalent not only in India but all over the world. Tinder was launched in the year 2012 and with its introduction, the concept of dating has changed completely. Online dating remained no longer a taboo in the society. People finding partners got acquainted with the concept of “swipe left or right” and in turn, life became magical to them. Dating apps got highly appreciated by a huge group in the last three to four years. Though dating apps are being used in large numbers by almost all age groups of people, it is mostly used by the people belonging to the age group of twenty to thirty-five. Well, that’s quite a huge range!! The individuals of this age group mostly resort to dating app like tinder when they face a breakup and try to find a fling just to move on. But there are also people who try to find genuine relationships through these applications.

Since Tinder is so much popular, did you ever think if it Is worth to build a dating app like it? Well, in this blog, we are going to portrait you with some of the other dating apps with their features so that you understand if it is worth building your application like that of Tinder.

Data surveys on the usage of the online dating app like Tinder have revealed a fact that the apps are used more by the males than the females. People come on dating with different purposes. So, an app developer must keep all the features in mind while building a dating app. Tinder, undoubtedly provides its customers with different kinds of options for match-making but in order to make your dating app worth Tinder, you have to definitely overcome the limitations of it. A dating app developer should try to incorporate more unique features to create a compact online dating app. There are many other applications like tinder which are also a huge success in the market. They have also established their recognition alongside Tinder.

We can have a look at several examples to get a clear idea of their strategies and understand if it is worth building the app.

  • Coffee meets bagel: In this app, the choice or selection of partner’s is mostly done by women. If a woman is trying to find a partner on this app, then she would get matches from only men who have shown their interest on her profile. So here one can avoid chances of rejection up to a level.
  • MissTravel: This is a dating app which calls for making tour plans instantly when two persons match by liking each other’s profile. This is a much better way of knowing each other rather than going out on a coffee or booze dates. So, if you are a travel freak, the features of this dating app are sure to impress you.
  • Bumble: A new dating app on the list is bumble. It respects the dignity and privacy of women. In this app, men are not allowed to contact the liked woman first. As a result, it helps ladies to keep away from unwanted strangers who often disturb with vulgar conversations and approaches. Apart from dating, this app gives you other options for connecting to people like making friends, business connections and a lot more.
  • OkCupid: This app offers a great platform of match-making for all genders. You can filter your search based on your interests, passion, hobbies and a lot more. Also, you are open to any kind of interaction and connection in this app. But this app has a paid version as well, so many of the features are available to ones who are paying for the premium version only.
  • There are apps like Grindr and Zoe for the LGBTQ community as well which have brought in a platform for them to find partners of their interest.

So, having known about these apps apart from Tinder, we can conclude that if all the features mentioned above of different apps can be incorporated into one application, then you can outstand the market with the latest dating app trends. And this, in turn, will be a mesmerizing experience for the end customers.  Moreover, it is always better to build a dating app with a lot more features incorporated in it rather than just making a clone of tinder.   

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