Why Employee Wellness is Key to a Healthy Company Culture


There has been a lot of talk about employee wellness in the past couple of years. Employers are wising up to the fact that their workers are the most valuable asset they have at their disposal. Treating them like an important part of the business and decreasing turnover is the best possible way to increase the bottom line of business. Dedicating efforts and funds towards employee wellness and health is the single best decision a business can make because of its influence on productivity and company culture. Here are some ways that employee wellness can introduce positive changes in your business.

Strengthen employee loyalty

Compassionate workplaces are few and far between. People don’t usually encounter a work environment where the leadership puts in the effort to look after them. If you show your employees the bare minimum of care towards their health and wellbeing, you can be sure that they’ll show appreciation.

A workplace culture that values employees and their health is going to stimulate employee loyalty at every turn. People will gladly work for a company that tries its best to provide for its workers. The core of wellness strategies is to help employees and provide for their future. Wellness and health benefits are just one part of the equation, but they’re some of the most important things you give your employees to show that you care.

Retain top talent

When you want your company to progress, you need to be able to consistently retain top talent. Ambitious individuals that want to progress in their careers don’t want to be disregarded and undermined by their employers. A workplace culture that doesn’t provide security for its employees won’t get far.

To retain top talent, you need to show quality and support at every turn. This includes employee wellness. If the employee provides you with valuable contributions to projects and work in general, you should show your appreciation. The number one concern of employees is that their work will go unappreciated. This metric significantly affects morale and employee retention in every workplace, so keep it in mind.

Increase productivity

Every good employer knows to motivate their employees in order to achieve good results. The best way to achieve this would be to give them a sense of purpose for their work. Even if the work itself doesn’t feel very compelling or meaningful, the company itself can become a motivator.

If employees see their company as an ally, they will want to contribute to its success. As long as you try your best to take care of your employees, they will give back in the form of increased productivity and dedication for the business. There’s no asset that is as valuable as a dedicated employee that wants to see the business succeed.

Invest long term

Employee wellness programs have a practical purpose. Not only will they keep your employees healthy and loyal to the company, but they will also give direct financial benefits. While wellness changes that are introduced to the office might incur certain costs, these costs are justified. It’s a long term investment in the health of the company, first and foremost.

If you want to inform on the benefits that come from massage chairs, you can consult the experts at Relax For Life. Soon you’ll find out that you don’t just get a lift chair to help your employees enjoy their time at work in comfort. Helping them adjust their back properly and fix their posture is going to reduce the number of employee injuries.

Ergonomics play a big part in office health. Any investment you put forth towards helping employees stay healthy is going to pay off in lower health and insurance costs down the road. Positive posture chairs are just one example among many. The quality of the office lighting will affect employee eyesight, for example. As long as you invest in employee wellness, you’re going to bring down overall costs in the long term.

See less absenteeism

Individual employees have many opportunities to take a temporary break from work. It’s an important part of the rest-work cycle and letting them regain their energy is going to be a long term net positive. However, many of these breaks are entirely optional and depend on circumstances and employee motivation.

Comfort and wellness have an enormous influence on an employee’s subjective view of the office environment. If they feel like they’re constantly stressed out and uncomfortable at work, you’re going to see more frequent absent days. On the other hand, if they feel like their workplace is designed to help them thrive and stay healthy, it’s very likely that they’ll subconsciously choose to stay more often.


Employee wellness is becoming a key focus for businesses everywhere. The financial and moral benefits that such changes provide outweigh any and all potential costs associated with increased employee wellness. The way employees look at their company changes dramatically and it improves the workplace culture and dynamic. Consider the many listed benefits of employee wellness programs and note their effect on your own business. If you try to incorporate them in your own workplace, you can expect positive results to start showing pretty quickly.

Guest article written by: Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river. https://twitter.com/EmmaWilliams204

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