Top 5 Programming Language For Mobile App Development

When building a new mobile application, mobile app developers, or an executive from the mobile app development company need to make use of a programming language. This language must take care of their codes and deliver the required result. However, with the variety of programming languages available out there, you might need to consider the best language before you hire mobile app developers for the development of your application. Over here, we are going to discuss the top 5 programming languages for mobile app development. Most mobile app development companies hire app developers to code for a mobile app.

Top 5 programming languages for mobile app development


Kotlin has been developed to be a concise and contemporary object-oriented programming language for cross-platform support. Kotlin is currently being used by mobile app development companies to build android-based and browser-based applications. The programming language is now running through Google, for which many companies are looking forward and hiring mobile app developers.

In the year 2017, Kotlin emerged as the official programming language for Android. With the use of Kotlin, mobile app development companies are looking forward to building modern-day applications which can add functionality and utility in equivalent grades. With the use of Android studio, the development of Kotlin language has become quite seamless and effortless. As compared to Java, Kotlin can deliver much more clean and efficient codes for obtaining the same level of functionality. Therefore, if you are looking forward to developing a mobile application, Kotlin might prove to be an excellent choice for you.


When we talk about the iOS operating system, many regard Swift as one of the basic and primary programming languages for the platform. The code was developed and launched by Apple Inc., as early as 2014. Consequently, Swift also became the programming language for macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, and more.

Before the introduction of Swift, Objective C was the primary language for the development of mobile applications on iOS. For this purpose, mobile app development companies used to look forward and hire mobile app developers who could program in that language. Swift has been designed to meet the safety standards and utility level of the modern-day programming requirements. Swift has now surpassed the standards of many erstwhile programming languages to become one of the leading ones in the scene today. Now, it is one of the most popular and trusted programming languages for use on the iOS platform.


If considered on a global scale, Java is one of the most famous and popular programming languages in the world. Endless companies look forward and hire mobile app developers for this language. Java happens to be one of the primary languages used for the development of mobile applications for the Android platform.

Java does not happen to be a modern day programming language like Swift or Kotlin. It continues to deliver the best utility for developers who are just starting their journey. The language is also not upgrade regularly, and most companies hire mobile app developers for Java language since it is far easier than Kotlin. For someone new to Android and Android app development, this language is undoubtedly the best bet for them.

Objective C

The language was developed by Tom Love and Brad Cox, back in the year 1984. Before the launch of Swift by Apple, Objective C was the most widely used primary language for the development of Apple iOS mobile applications. This programming language is a general-purpose language which emerges from the C programming language. Even today, mobile app development companies look forward and hire mobile app developers to program in this language. The language offers a unique and critical feature, which is hard to achieve with any other language, about message passing among objects. For Apple iOS app development environment, this is quite a useful and friendly feature.

As of today, we can say that Swift has taken over most of the functional performance that Objective C used to deliver to its users. As a superset of the C programming language, this language sure provides quite a lot of capabilities along with a dynamic performance that used to surpass the reasonable standards at one point. The language offers dynamic performance and actual runtime performance, which has now been taken over by Swift.

With added language level support, and a complete flow control statement, this programming language used to be high in demand for which, there was an extensive requirement to hire mobile app developers.  


The C language was developed at Microsoft and is among the earliest programming languages which can be envisaged in the history of programming languages. Defined simply, this is one of the most simple, contemporary and dynamic programming language. At the same time, it is in high demand and for which, most professionals look forward and hire software developers for developing mobile applications. The open-source programming language offers a very versatile environment for programming and working on the development of mobile apps.

With the use of C programming language, app developers can penetrate the development of numerous applications, not just for mobiles but also for Windows, web applications, back end systems and more. With the use of this language, developers can build mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms as well. A unique tool, by the name of Xamarin, which is a part of Visual Studio, permits developers to write the code for C language for Android and iOS platforms. For a developer, there is no need to learn an additional programming language, as long as he is building an application on Android and iOS.

The lowdown

If you are looking forward to hire mobile app developers for your application development, you could focus on one of these languages for optimum results and satisfactory performance. If we talk about Android specifically, then Kotlin is the recommended language while Swift is the first recommendation for iOS-based platform. The choice of the programming language must be made after considering the technical aspects of the application.

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