How Yoga Teachers Can Utilize Facebook Webinar To Succeed in Business?

As a guru of digital marketing and many other online solutions, I would, by all means, love to discuss about facebook webinars but my keen interest in yoga urges me somehow to write on yoga and yoga teacher even before I move on to discussing the benefits of Facebook webinars. Also, though yoga is an ancient concept which means unification of individual spirit with that of the divine, it has gained prominence in the West only in the late 20th century. The yoga enthusiasts often ask if there’s any connection of Hinduism with yoga and the best answer to this has always been that though yoga is a Hindu practice which was pioneered by Maharishi Patanjali, it has now become a part of the American culture.

Now, you might ask if there’s any difference between taking lessons in yoga from a yoga instructor and a yoga teacher. Well, the answer to that is — Yes, there definitely is! The difference lies in the way yoga classes can be undertaken. A class wherein a yoga instructor would himself sit on the yoga mat, practise himself and instruct his students about a certain pose (asana) with all the right knowledge and understanding, a yoga teacher on the other hand would show how to perform an asana with his main duty revolving around his pupils perfecting the science of yoga. Hence, the latter is more to do with taking yoga lessons in the right way than just learning yoga.

All that said, it makes sense to move on to understanding the prime utility of facebook webinar from the point of view of business. Before I dive into the details of how facebook webinar can be utilized for a successful business venture, let me also inform you that the reason yoga has become more popular in the West all of sudden is because it has been taken as a business than just a religious or cultural philosophy. And, when it’s about business, everybody gets serious. So, to all the yoga teachers who are serious in becoming great yoga teachers around the world, I’d say, please keep reading this blog further.

Webinar Explained

A webinar is much the same as any seminar albeit the only difference being that a webinar is an event held in an online medium and hence it is attended by an online audience as against the one as offline. Getting to understand the key benefits of a facebook webinar can help you immensely as a business person more than a yoga teacher.

Why a Facebook Webinar For Yoga Classes?

Perhaps, this might be the most important question to you to which you are seeking an answer.

So, let’s look at the major benefits of facebook webinar from the perspective of a yoga professional.

No Special Software is Mandatory

GoToWebinar, which is not surprisingly a great tool, needs to be installed before one can attend the webinar and in case you didn’t know, some people just hate installing softwares. In extreme contrast with this, if you are providing an option to your prospects where the webinar can be directly streamed using facebook live, ask me, why wouldn’t they be pleased. With webinars outside of facebook, the users need to communicate with you through emails and you never know, if your email has gone into the spam.                        

As an example, I remember some author wanting to conduct a facebook webinar and when he was communicating about the same to his audience, he received a tremendous response and one of the reasons was that Facebook is perceived as a very personal medium and so people develop an online understanding too quickly and easily. And, with Facebook having a 2.42 billion users around the world isn’t a proof in itself? 

Facebook Webinar Is Cost-Effective

Compare a webinar with any offline medium and you and/or your customers would incur a cost. There is no travel required for getting a bit of details on yoga. The very thought of spending money to attend a physical event triggers a negative emotion in most participants. And, if it’s you, you might also incur some costs, if you are organizing a webinar in a physical venue that’s on hire.      

Now, talk of a webinar being hosted through Facebook live than a third party tool and you will incur a cost of $1 for accepting a registrant. That too, when you can not be sure if out of the total turn-outs you can get some prospects converted to your business benefit. On Facebook, you can start the webinar and it will immediately show up in their News feeds. Most people have been interested in watching facebook live videos as facebook research team suggests and you must not ignore this vital message.                

Facebook Webinar Helps Generate Information on Potential Leads 

Make sure, you as a yoga teacher have provided some basic information on yoga to your friends and followers on your business page before you conduct a webinar. People feel interested in any product or service only when they have known its utility. The people who would attend your webinar can be asked to provide their emails for a second webinar or the actual yoga training classes. Sending direct emails to those  after the first webinar would let you know how many people would be interested in taking up yoga classes.

If you have a good social network that includes industry leaders, politicians, housewives and fitness freaks, all you will need to do is — try building trust by showcasing your best skills and knowledge of yoga in the first webinar. Within a short span of time, you may develop a lucrative business relationship with anyone. Remember that facebook webinar is an opportunity that must not be lost easily.      

No Limit on The Size of Target Audience

The webinars outside the Facebook medium have a limit on the number of maximum attendees at a particular point in time. If the number of attendees are up to 1,000, you might have to pay which fortunately is not the case with Facebook webinar. You can have attendees up to 100,000 and that’s one of the biggest advantages with Facebook. 

Now, think, if the number of attendees are more, wouldn’t your chances of conversion rate increase? If you care to respond either verbally or in writing to the comments on Facebook Live, you will most likely be welcomed.If your focus is on delivering a quality speech on yoga than just a sales pitch, you can almost win the hearts of your audience. The last thing that you must do to have your prospects convert into quality leads is to record a webinar, edit the webinar with better graphics and text to give it a better look and convert it into an eBook. In this way, customers will get reminders through emails. 

In Conclusion

All that said, you must not miss out streaming your webinar on Facebook Live with the precondition that you must use it creatively and selectively. There is a wide variety of audience out there on Facebook and not all can be considered hard-core professionals. Some are even trolls and hence you must exercise caution and choose audience carefully before streaming your webinar.

Guest article written by: Maria is an enthusiast writer that covers the industries like, SEO writing, content writing, online marketing, and business development. Maria is a vice president of marketing and strategic insights for Solvoguru, which offers high-impact and performance driven marketing and advertising solutions that help achieve optimum results. Visit for more information.

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