How a few extra apps can help you manage your health more effectively

Among the top 10 commonly broken NewYear’s Resolutions, lose weight and get fit, and eat healthier and diet top the chart. This proves that whilst most people are intent on improving their health, by the end of January they have already fallen back into their old routines. Whilst it can be difficult to stick to a new regime, maintaining good health is one of the most important things in life.

Health apps are majorly on the rise, as they provide the necessary support for staying on track, becoming healthy and active, and retaining your new health kick. Here we look at how a few extra apps can help you to manage your health more effectively:

Sleep apps

We used technology to help us with everything else, why not sleep? In today’s busy world, many of us don’t get the amount and quality of sleep we need. Recently, sleep apps have become all the rage – helping us to fall asleep, stay asleep, and then monitoring our sleep… as we sleep! Some apps provide relaxing melodies and guided mediation to ease you into sleep. Others record your sleep habits then wake you up during a moment of light sleep.

Running apps

Running is a perfect workout for a lot of people; it’s free, can take up as much as time as you want, and you can do it just about anywhere. The problem with running is motivation. Luckily running apps are designed to take you from running zero feet a day to 5 or 10k in a matter of weeks! Perfect for beginners, these apps allow you to track your progress and log your workouts, feeding you audio cues alongside music to motivate you on.

Diet tracking apps

Although we’re advised to aim for 2000 calories a day on average, diet tracking apps determine your suggested calorie intake according to your weight and BMI, and then help you to manage your diet to stay on track. You input your foods and their nutritional information becomes available, providing you with a better awareness of what you’re consuming and what that means for your daily calorie intake. These apps can even track your water intake and the impact of your daily exercise on your calories.

Water apps

An often-overlooked strategy for improving your health is simply the act of drinking more water. It is without doubt the healthiest beverage for you, providing all sorts of benefits to your overall health – inside and out. Water tracking apps are designed to help you track the amount of water you’re drinking, allowing you to record your intake using photos or measurements. Your app can even remind you to drink water if you’re flagging.

Online medicine

When it comes to managing your health more effectively, you should also be considering how you track, order and consume your regular medication, if you take any. Try the online pharmacy by Lawsat Pharm to keep track of your prescriptions and to access a range of pharmacy services at the click of a button.

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