7 Exciting Trends That Will Rock Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital technology is evolving at what seems like lightning-fast pace. If you are looking for proof, just take into account that no more than a couple of years ago the concepts like voice search, machine learning, and artificial intelligence were still in the realm of sci-fi.

What do all these things mean for marketers that are, to a large extent, forced to work in this dynamic and rapidly evolving environment? Well, one thing is for sure – staying ahead of the cure and keeping the track of new marketing trends has grown from good practice to absolute imperative.

So, let us take a look at a couple of up-and-coming trends that will rock the digital marketing landscape in 2020.

Catchy visualization

Digital marketing content always lived and died by the quality of the visualization. For instance, recent research has shown that posts with images produce 180% more engagement, and increase view rate by 64%. But, these things are hardly a secret and with the playing field becoming excessively cluttered like in the previous years, the pressure on graphic designers to deliver seems higher than ever. If you are looking for a channel with a good turnaround to invest your money in, this is the one.

The rise of chatbots

Over the last couple of years, chatbots have gone a long way from machines capable of managing only the simple queries to genuine AI-powered assets that can conduct successful interaction, offer valuable suggestions, and even showcase good humor. All that while offering data-driven personalized experience. Since quality customer experience continues to be one of the main pillars of any sensible marketing efforts, chatbots will inevitably take a larger role in this process, taking over entire shifts.

Multi-channel reporting

Although it makes up only a fraction of it, digital marketing is probably the most diverse corner of the greater marketing environment. With dozens of digital channels currently in use, generating reports and doing meaningful analysis becomes harder with each passing day. This is one of the main reasons behind the recent surge of multi-channel digital marketing reporting platforms that allow users to get real-time data access from multiple marketing points. Some of the better packages will even offer a great degree of automation, so the manual work is kept at the bare minimum.

Rising demand for interactive content

Interactive content has made quite an impact on the tourism industry. Just remember all those beautiful 360-degree city tours that made you want to pack your bags and travel. The good news is this interactive marketing approach can be and is successfully emulated in other industries as well. For instance, some retail stores have started offering digital tours where visitors can get the price of the items by clicking on them. Expect to see this practice implemented more frequently and in a new creative manner in the following years.

Political marketing

Marketing always played to the sensibilities of a certain era. And since we are living in a very politically engaged and partisan time, the businesses will try to exploit this climate in the digital environment. So, expect to see companies displaying their core value in their marketing messages, supporting popular movements in online chatter, and offering a much greater level of transparency. If these things are conducted properly and with taste, they can be a truly powerful marketing asset.

The continuing strength of social media stories

“The fear of missing out” (FOMO) is not an entirely new thing. We had plenty of opportunities to witness just how effectively this emotion can be utilized for marketing purposes through Instagram and Facebook stories. The reason we decided to put it on the list is that its strength doesn’t seem to fade. On the contrary, the rise of fresh social media platforms like TikTok and new formats like YouTube Reel only means that, in the future, we will need to pay even greater attention to this social phenomenon.

5G transforms personalized content

Personalized content is king. For instance, one recent research says personalization can reduce acquisition costs by a whole 50% and increase marketing speed efficiency by up to 30%. What will happen to these numbers when 5G finally becomes widely available? We can only assume that rising technology will certainly allow marketers to push more data, rely more heavily on the video content, and bind AI and digital assistants like Siri and Alexa stronger into the process.

We hope this short overview gave you some general idea about the storm brewing on the digital marketing horizon. Keeping track of the contemporary trend is simply not enough in this day and age. We have to look further and act faster. These couple of ongoing developments will offer a great starting point.

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