Best ways to respond to online customer reviews

In today’s business world, most customers look at other customers’ online reviews when deciding whether to purchase a good or service from a company. Hence having a good review response service is essential for your company. Customers are always very keen on how companies respond to their negative reviews on their products or services. Customers are also concerned about how long a company takes to respond to their online reviews. Simple and effective ways to respond to customers reviews are as follows:

Respond to positive reviews quickly and keep them short.

Leaving a positive review for a long time before responding to it will harm your business because customers will think like you don’t care about them at all. Responding to customer’s reviews in the shortest time possible will give a customer a good feeling and know you appreciate them. A simple thank you! Response to a positive review can do wonders for business. 

Keep your responses short because long answers have too many words that will decrease your messages. Your message should be precise and concise.

Address all negative reviews

Unfortunately, you cannot ignore a negative review from a customer.

Negative reviews on your business can lead to the loss of a significant percentage of your customers online, review response service will help to manage the negative thoughts and make sure it does not affect the business reputation.

When responding to a negative review,  know that you are not responding to just one customer but to many others who will read that negative review. Hence react to a negative review in a friendly manner and take that opportunity to correct the complaint. Ensure that the problem will not happen to another customer.

Ask for forgiveness from the customers by telling them you are sorry for the experience and sympathize with him/her. It will make them feel less upset about the unpleasant experience they had with your goods/services. Do not inquire about many customer details that can increase negative feedback when replying to the review. Make your response to the negative review short.

Provide a solution to each negative review

If you know the customer is right, and your business is on the wrong, try always to find a negative review solution. Do not make excuses but try to make the customer try to understand why the problem happened. Review response service will advise the customer on how to solve the problem and continue to engage in business with your company.

After apologizing to the customer, it will be good to compensate the customer for some part of their money after a negative review. It will decrease their dissatisfaction with your service and build up trust between your customers and your company. Then assure the customer that the mistake will not happen again.

Engage the reviewer in an offline discussion about the matter.

Review response service can also advise the negative online reviewer to reach out offline to solve the matter. You can solve the customers’ matters more easily by engaging customers offline as this will make the customer know you have taken their matter seriously and ready to solve it. 

Respond to the review by providing details about your company and ask the customer to reach out, maybe via phone or email, to enable you to solve the customer’s problem offline. It will lessen the damages that a negative review can do to a company.

Reply fast to every negative review.

Customers are always very keen on how long the company takes to respond to their complaints. Therefore it is wise to respond to negative reviews as soon as possible because this will appease other reviewers.  Customers will see that the review response service is concerned with providing solutions to customers’ complaints. Responding to negative reviews fast will also make the customer know the mistake was not intentional and give the customer faith to re-engage with the company for future business.


Responding to online reviews can sometimes be a difficult task. However, always maintain a good business reputation by responding to both negative and positive reviews appropriately. Maintain the right attitude when interacting with your customers online and offline. It will keep your business for a long time. It is essential to be prepared to receive fair and bad reviews. To have expectations for only good reviews is not realistic in today’s world. You cannot ignore responding to negative reviews, as this will lead to the loss of customers.

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  3. This is awesome. I didn’t expect this knowledge for free. Thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge with us.

    Excellent work keep going on to provide such a nice information

  4. Reviews provide an opportunity for businesses and customers to build a relationship with one another. Establishing an emotional connection with customers is shown to provide 23% more revenue than with a non-engaged customer.


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