How to convert $60 router into $600 router

Have you ever wondered how you can convert your essential dollar 60 routers into a superpower $4 600 routers in the most straightforward manner? What is added here is that this method is free!

This method works best if you are planning to upgrade your router’s firmware to a much more robust and powerful open-source DD-WRT firmware.

So here are the prerequisites which you will require to conduct this method-

  1. You will need the generic DD-WRT V23 SP1 Mini firmware version
  2. You will need the generic DD-WRT V23 SP1 standard firmware version
  3. a supported router like Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Router 

Upgrade Your Router To The DD-WRT Firmware 

This firmware upgrade involves selecting a file to upgrade when you are supposed to browse the required folder. You can curb anyone from getting access to your router panel. Keep in mind the given warning that upgrading firmware may take a few minutes. It also says not to turn off the power and press the reset button. Once this firmware upgrade has been completed, you can now work on the wrt54g V8 format. So, next, use the IE Explorer for this purpose. Usually, Firefox does not work at the step. This happens even after the installation afterward. 

Read very carefully and follow the instructions- firstly, make sure you go to the command prompt and type IP config / on making sure you keep in mind the default gateways of the two DNS addresses. Now, set the new IP address on your computer system to 192.168.100. You will also be required to set four numbers as well. 

Make sure that you need to be in the folder containing the given download also, keep in mind that you need to be on a wire to the router.

Also, you have to download vxworkskillerGv8.bin and dd-wrt dot v24_micro_wrt54g. Before you start this version, do these procedures and install the micro version on your primary router.

Switch your computer

Either be a laptop or desktop back to receive your IP address by a DHCP list. In case you do not want a manual configuration as per the set instructions, from this, you will be able to login with username- root and the password- admin. Usually, the username-root and password-admin are prefixed and predetermined by the system, and you need not change name any further. However, if you wish, you can change the password afterward. Also, keep in mind that you cannot go any farther than this with wrt54g V7 and V8. The reason is that they’ve downgraded the physical memory in the recent models. But, it is also to be noted that micro is still an advanced version and improvement over the original Linksys firmware.

It is also equally essential to increase and strengthen your wireless signal. So, as soon as this upgrade is finished, the broadcast signal genuinely needs an increase or a boost. One can achieve this by going to the Wireless tab, then to the advanced setting. There, one is required to find an entry labeled Xmit power. This is checked by default at 28 MW. It is also to be noted that 251 MW is way bigger than 28 mv. However, there is no need to jump to 251 mv at one go directly. DD-WRT manual also states that a sustained increase of up to 70 mv is suitable for the majority of the users.

Appropriate bandwidth by the program

By setting up the quality of service rules you can give priority to interactive traffic such as web browsing and gaming. Throttling traffic does not always require a steady rate of bandwidth to function. It is essential, at all times, to prioritize your IP address. Just in case, the DD-WRT while getting updated, while flashing from where SAP is showing error. The router, there is no need to worry. Do not get upset. You can quickly solve this problem by securing your network and all the other things on your regular router. Also, port forwarding is one of the means. 

By doing this, you not only secure your system to a much higher and stronger router but also do it free of cost. This method saves time and cost.

It is user-friendly. It involves a slight and straightforward use of mind. But, in all cases, it does wonder. It gives you the benefit of using a more expensive router at the cost of your primary router. 

Usually, router companies hide these facts from you because they want to earn profits from their customers. But if you understand these basics, use them slightly in a manner best for you, you can beat their mentality of making mindless profits from you!

I hope that each and everyone reading this will use this method. Do take advantage of this simple life-saving hack! 

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