Differences Between Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic design and illustration tend to be used interchangeably. But the belief that both graphic design and illustration mean the same thing is a misguided notion. While the two belong to the creative field, graphic design is viewed more like a commercial art. Many viewers consider illustration more as fine art.

The thing that distinguishes graphic design from illustration is the fact that it communicates with its target audience. Illustration, on the other hand, is more invested in creative clarification. Illustration used to be an authoritative entity in the creative industry. However, graphic design has since replaced it and overshadows the importance of illustration. This does not mean illustrations are any less critical. Graphic design in and of itself would never be able to function without the support of business illustrations. That said, graphic design is still the pioneering industry that has taken supremacy in the digital world.

Graphic design is currently considered a part of contemporary culture, which operates as a newer model of art. They consist of illustrations in their wider usage and incorporate other visual elements such as colors, imagery, and fonts. Graphic design has spearheaded the success of a multitude of brands ranging from their logo designs to their website designs. Unlimited graphic design agencies have seen substantial success concerning their profession, as many businesses are competing to attain their services. Many graphic designers operating in these agencies perform their respective tasks to construct every visual graphic design for their clients and place their businesses on the path of success.


Illustration conveys the visual interpretation of a text. It can be a process or a concept. Usually, illustrations are integrated into published materials such as animations, flyers, magazines, posters, books, films, and video games.

Hence, the purpose of an illustrator is to deliver an associated idea or text’s visual representation. In that sense, we can make the case that an illustration is a picture or a drawing. It develops the drawing to give an explanation revolving around it. Take the example of an image linked in a magazine article. We can view this as an illustration.


Imagery is an aspect of illustration. These images will not gain attention from its viewers, especially if you portray it on a canvas. The views will want to see the entirety of the canvas. They will not limit their viewership to a specific image or picture. The illustrator needs to exercise care in this approach. An illustrator’s central role is not to take attention from viewers to the entire illustration. The illustrator’s primary purpose is to incorporate a character into the illustration as a whole. The intention is to make it noticeable. But that does not mean that it must receive attention from viewers. Demanding attention is not the same as making something visible.

Graphic Design

The graphic design comprises constructing, structuring, planning, and creating ideas and experiences. A graphic designer utilizes visual and textual content to further his ideas. This is why the term graphic design is also regarded as communication design. To convey his message, a graphic designer can use digital tools such as words, imagery, or visual forms.

Graphic design, as opposed to illustration, is all about demanding attention from its viewers. The graphic designer takes it upon himself to create visuals with respect to images and colors that will arrest the viewer’s interest in the specific object. All graphic design components are used solely for this role. 

The graphic design elements indirectly compete with one another to gain the most attention. But a qualified graphic designer strikes the right balance among these elements and combines them reasonably, ensuring that all of them receive considerable attention. He does not trivialize the importance of any component used in his graphic designing endeavors.

Graphic Designer 

The role of a graphic designer is to invest his talents and skills within the digital hemisphere. They have to create website designs, logo designs, and even UI/UX Designs. You cannot give a graphic designer the profession over to an illustrator unless he shares the same expertise as the graphic designer—the two work in fields that are separate from one another and require different skills for execution. An illustrator will focus on painting and drawing on sketchbooks.

A graphic designer’s goal is to convey the message of his visual artistry to his target audience. His works contain a myriad of design ingredients, which include typefaces, symbols, images, and colors. A graphic designer has to research what drives the interest of the audience he wants to convert. He will decide on the colors that evoke different emotions in people. He will use fonts that pique the interest of the viewer. He will embed images that are pleasantly received by the audience. A graphic designer’s entire work revolves around making his artwork as outstanding as possible.

A graphic designer gives special priority to the client’s demand, be it a logo or website design. He will carefully research the factors that will provide the client’s business an edge over the client’s competitors. He will analyze what type of demographic can be drawn into that business through his own design. This gives the designer an incentive to observe both the client and his audience, respectively.

Much like his color usage, the graphic designer will be highly knowledgeable in his choice of typefaces. He will use the typeface that gives the most personality to his design. He knows which number of typefaces he needs to use and what type of typefaces are best suited to represent his design.

This is why, due to its commercial value; graphic design has a more decisive advantage over illustration in the creative industry. More and more businesses, startups, or otherwise are seeking different graphic designers to create their respective brands. The graphic designer wants to draw the attention of the viewer while an illustration does no such thing. Its intention is only to produce an artistic image that requires notice, not attention.

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  1. Most of us don’t find the difference between graphic design and illustration even I. but your article makes it clear the difference between them. I agreed with that all points that described the motive of an illustrator is to present associated idea or text’s visual representation. whether Graphic design is as opposite to illustration, is all about demanding attention from its viewers.
    Thank you for sharing.

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