Digital Dementia: Is Overuse of Technology Making You Stupid?

by Emily on March 24, 2020

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We all know the importance of technology in our day to day lives. It’s hard for us to stay a day without using them. All the workplaces and also educational institutes are equipped with modern technologies, hence exposing us more towards the digital side of the world. This gave rise to Digital Dementia. The term ‘Digital Dementia’ was introduced by Dr. Manfred Spitzer. Dementia stands for the loss of cognitive abilities that is the processing of thoughts, reasoning, and other mental activities. It was common in older people but recently it has increased a lot in kids and adults. Digital Dementia is the loss of your mental abilities which is caused by the overuse of the technology. 

Depending almost every time on technology for even the simplest of tasks can be the effect of digital dementia. By relying too much on the technology, you are affecting the functionality of your own brain.. This will result in slowing down the processing of your thoughts. Earlier, people used to remember things. For example, if they were not able to remember the name of a place then they used to think about it until they remember. Now, if someone just forgets a name or anything, they quickly lookup on their phone without giving it a second thought. Ultimately this leads to the deterioration of our brain. You can use parental control app to help yourself and your child.

Digital Dementia affects your concentration ability to a larger extent. You will realize that slowly you have started having trouble remembering things or any piece of information. Constant use of technology affects the posture and makes you lazy. Apart from this, it leads to anxiety, anger, and depression. It also has a major effect on the development of any person. 

We get distracted very easily; this plays an important role in causing digital dementia. While working if suddenly any notification pops up in our phone then without any hesitation we check it and this compromises the primary task that we were doing in the first place. Multitasking decreases productivity and also damages our cognitive abilities to some certain level.  It becomes difficult for your brain to process a lot of information together and because of this, it takes up time and hence, your efficiency decreases. 

How it can be cured?

It can be cured but for that, you need to take some harsh steps and change your lifestyle. 

  • Using more brain

If you don’t have an answer to a question, then rather just taking an easy way of searching it on the internet, use your brain for answers. You have to stop depending on technologies all the time. Because by doing this, you are restricting your brain to process the information.

  • Read Books

Instead of reading on a computer or surfing the internet, try reading a book. It can be helpful in shaping your imagination and also increase creativity. Reading improves your memory which will eventually make your brain more functional. 

  • Learn new things

By learning new things, you are making your brain work more in a different direction. Your brain has to get out of its comfort zone. This will help your brain become sharper and smarter.

  • Exercise

  Doing regular exercise helps in reducing the level of stress and anxiety. It boosts the flow of blood. Exercise is very advantageous in strengthening your memory. 

  • Going out

Going for a walk or playing can be really beneficial against Digital Dementia. Your body and mind both will function in a better way when you start to go out. It can be helpful in clearing up your thoughts. It is very useful and a big step towards a healthy mind and body.

  • Take a break

Don’t use technology throughout the day or stop checking your phone on a regular basis. Instead, take a break for some time from all the digital things. Use that time to meet your friends or sit with your family and talk about each other. Go out with your colleagues and try to connect with everyone in reality rather than virtually.

  • Take out time for yourself 

You must always take out sufficient time from your work for yourself. During this time just take a break from everything and sit by yourself. This will be really beneficial in getting relaxed and gathering up your thoughts.

  • Parental Control App

For parents, this can be really helpful to keep your child safe from Digital Dementia. Features of Parental Control App help you to monitor and control the amount of time your kids spend on their phones. This will enormously reduce the risk of Digital Dementia, which is getting more and more prominent in kids.

Stop being too dependent on technology and take the first step towards the better health of your mind.

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