How technology is changing the storage industry

Self-storage containers seem to be popping up in every city around the world and the reason for that is they are a business that can be set up without the need of hiring much staff.

This wasn’t always the case as storage facilities would need staff for signing up new clients, staff for protecting the storage container, staff for letting visitors into compounds, and much more. Technology, however, has changed all of that and in this blog post, we will look at some of the ways technology has helped the self-storage industry grow.


The self-storage industry used to rely on their customers using physical keys to open their units, but what used to happen is that clients would lose their keys or keep them when their contract was up. This would be costly to the storage unit owner and profits would be lost and too much time would be taken up replacing lost keys.

Technology has allowed the storage industry to be more profitable and more secure through biometrics systems such as fingerprint and iris scanners and while this may sound like something out of a James Bond movie it’s a simple process that gets rid of all of the problems mentioned above.

No longer does the storage unit owner have to replace keys or chase the customer up for them to return them. They simply wipe the bio-metric data after the user is done with the unit.

Signing up and accessing the storage unit

The old method of signing up for a storage unit was tedious and took up too much of the customer’s and business owners’ time. Most people think that storage units are used by people moving home, but a storage unit has many use cases some of which are busy business owners and having to wait to sign up for a unit or having to wait for someone to let you into the storage yard is a waste of everyone’s time.

Thankfully technology has cut down the time it takes to sign up for a membership and access your storage unit. Mobile apps are becoming the standard way of signing up for a unit and some of them only takes seconds to sign up for.

With a mobile app, you can check on your unit to make sure everything is as it should be and you can even pay your bills or upgrade to a bigger storage unit if needed. This is especially useful to businesses that rely on storage containers to manage their stock inventory.

How could tech improve the storage industry in the future?

it’s fair to say that it’s impossible to predict the future when it comes to technology but it’s clear to see from past improvements that there is room for change. We could see AI help customers scan their objects and pack them in the storage containers for maximum efficiency or we could see self-driven robots picking up items from our homes and taking them into storage.

One thing for certain is technology is allowing self-storage businesses to thrive and we can certainly expect more tech innovations in this industry.

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