How to Boost Employee Engagement

Hopefully, the fact that you have decided to read this article means you have realized the value of your employees and are now looking for ways to increase your employee engagement. More than ever, organizations are depending on the dedication and engagement of their employees to prosper in the current market.

A successful employee engagement program will lead to a workforce that is passionately invested in utilizing their time, talent and focus into working towards the common goals of your organization.

Disengagement is both costly and leads to a negative work environment. 

Disengaged employees will do the bare minimum that is required to retain their job. They work for the paycheck alone and are uninterested in the company’s success or failures.

The first step towards improvement in employee engagement is measuring the current climate within your organization. This can be achieved with an employee engagement survey such as this one from, which can help to take the guesswork out of increasing employee engagement.

There are, however, some changes that can quickly and painlessly be implemented to set your employees on the right path to becoming fully engaged members of your organization.

Provide Your Staff with Flexibility

Research has shown that when trusted with the opportunity to adjust their work schedule and location to better suit their needs, employees will often show their appreciation with increased productivity. Far from needing the constant scrutiny of their managers, employees are often happier and more engaged in the workplace when given the flexibility to work from home or to work outside of normal hours. This can also increase your staffs’ perceived value of their work, as their job allows them to work around family and life commitments. 

Encourage Team Cause-Related Marketing

Volunteering as a team in the local community can provide your staff with positive feelings of self-value and working together towards a good cause can help increase positive communication and teamwork. This also demonstrates to your employees and to the community that you are not only interested in making money but also have a vested interest in the greater good. 

Communicate Your Company Goals with Your Staff

Regular, honest communication with your staff is key towards empowering them and making them feel like they are an intrinsic part of the organization. Layout the company goals, both long and short term and communicate to them the part they will play as individuals and as a team in achieving those goals. Make sure you equip your employees with the tools they need to achieve their goals and support them along the way. Identify training needs within your organization so your employees will feel that they can have a positive impact on the business.

Provide A Nice Work Environment

Your staff will spend a large majority of their time within the workspace that you have provided so creating a positive environment that is comfortable for your staff will, in turn, make them feel better about turning up to work every day.

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