The Innovative Ways That Different Industries Are Using ID Technology

by Klaus on September 8, 2020

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Identification technology has been around for a while now, predominately in the form of debit and credit cards. Over the years, it has continued to grow and improve, making it invaluably useful to a variety of industries across the world. For those unsure what we mean by ID technology, we’re referring to things like smart cards, fingerprint scanners, voice or facial recognition, RFID wristbands, ectara. But how exactly are the different industries using this nifty tech to their advantage? Let’s take a look.

Educational Institutions

Universities, colleges and schools use ID technology in their institutions for a multitude of purposes. Firstly, they use it to monitor how students are using resources. For example, universities will integrate their student ID cards with their library system to monitor who has taken out what and when. This helps them to keep track of resources and ensure students are returning them. Educational institutions also use smart cards for security. As schools are responsible for their pupils’ safety, this makes ID technology of paramount importance to them.

Leisure Industry

Gyms and leisure centres have massively benefitted from the introduction of ID technology. For instance, they use membership cards to grant users with quick access to their facilities or supply RFID wristbands to those who wish to store their possessions in a locker. As ID card systemss can storecan be used by so much data on them, organisations can also easilyto monitor which members haven’t paid their monthly subscription and revoke access to facilities.with them.


Loyalty cards are commonly used by retailers nowadays. These can store information on how much credit a person has accumulated in a specific shop, allowing them to redeem rewards or discounts once they have enough credit points. This is the perfect way to ensure you have returning customers at your store.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry includes establishments like cinemas, music venues and convention centres. These places often struggle to reduce queuing and stop people who haven’t paid from entering. Fortunately, ID technology can help the entertainment industry overcome this issue. Using access control systems, only people who have tickets or membership cards are able to enter the establishment, and they can do so with complete ease.

Transport Facilities

Transport facilities have been using ID technology for many years now. For instance, the London Underground has an ‘oyster’ card system which allows people to add credit to their smart cards then quickly and easily pay for their tickets. This helps to reduce queues during rush hour. Bus passes are also common, where users can pre-purchase a number of journeys. This is ideal when it comes to children travelling to school.

Financial Sector

Like we mentioned before, ID technology is used by banks for debit and credit cards. These are incredibly useful for cashless vending. They also help to authenticate a person’s identity before money can be withdrawn from their account.

These are the main industries that are innovatively using ID technology to their advantage. In the future, we expect this form of tech to become even more sophisticated and established within our society.

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