The Pros (and Cons) of the Cloud

The Cloud has made big waves over the years, and chances are you use it in one way or another. From backing up your photos, to using an email service. If it syncs across devices, then it has some cloud-based feature.

That said, many businesses are still adopting the “use it until it breaks” approach to their data. They have a server or data solution and that is good enough until it isn’t. The issue with this approach is that it does not future-proof your business or secure your data.

This doesn’t mean you should go into it blind. Knowing the pros and the cons can help you to make the most out of using the Cloud for your company.

Pros of Using the Cloud 

Cloud solutions can be the best way forward for your business. Of course, who you choose as your cloud provider is going to make a big difference in the level of quality and service that you receive. A great cloud solutions provider will be cost-effective, will reduce downtime, and will provide around-the-clock security for your data. The benefits of such a solution include:

Automatic Backups

Your data will be automatically backed up as you use it. This means that a power failure or a cyber-attack won’t immediately mean you have lost the information that you were just working on.

Data is Made Redundant

As a big bonus, your data will be backed up on more than one server in more than one location. A flood that shuts down one server, for example, won’t affect your data because it’s backed up in three more locations around the world.

Ability to Scale Up or Down

You don’t need to buy another server when you outgrow your existing one. You also won’t be stuck with a very expensive machine just because you are downsizing. Instead, you pay for what you use, allowing you to scale up or down as necessary.

Additional IT Security

Your cloud server will be backed by talented IT specialists who will work to keep your cloud data secure. Just remember to follow their recommendations from your end.

Cons of Using the Cloud

Not Universally Secure

Though the Cloud is definitely more secure than other options, it still does have its flaws. The biggest one? You. If you and your employees don’t also work to improve the security at your end, there is little that your provider can do. Take their suggestions to heart, train your employees, and this risk is mitigated substantially.

The Migration Can be a Hassle

Migration can be a hassle, which is why who you work with matters. A great cloud provider can make migrating your data a breeze.

The Cloud offers huge possibilities, but only if you take its setbacks seriously. Yes, your cloud provider is responsible for a lot of the security features that you will enjoy, but you also need to keep up your end of the bargain. Your provider cannot do much if the hacker has secured your username and password and you haven’t even set up two-step verification. Even with these small setbacks, the benefits are worthwhile and can help your business grow seamlessly.

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  1. Cloud makes our life easy. Like any other technology, this also has many issues. But I think, as this helps us in our regular life, we should use and appreciate it.

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