Reasons to Use Folded Business Cards for Boosting Sales

by Emily on May 7, 2020

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Many people wonder why to use business cards in today’s digitalized marketing landscape. It is true that everyone is having a smartphone or a computerized gadget of his choice so online businesses are gaining traction by the day. Even physical stores are promoting their business and brands online. Yet business cards have still not lost their significance or relevance in the existing marketing scenario. When you use specially customized business cards they speak a lot about who you are, your authenticity, and your uniqueness. 

It is always a good idea to run online marketing plans in conjugation with effective offline brand promotion techniques to yield maximum benefits. You could use a classy folded business card to introduce yourself when you are at a meeting with your potential customers. That should go a long way in creating a wonderful first impression. Your business card is somewhat proof of your credibility and reliability. One look at your business card would tell the recipient precisely who you are and what is your vocation in life. We know that in this age of innovation and novelty, it is a good idea to use folded visiting cards to carve a niche for your business and take it to the next level.  Folded business cards help in doubling the value of the marketing real estate as you could use both sides for doubling your overall response rate. 

For Differentiating Your Brand from the Rest

As per, every business tries to come up with something unique for its valued customers. Experts say that you may be providing similar services and products; however, the way you provide them may help in differentiating you from all your competitors. You must first of all, consider figuring out precisely what makes your brand unique and then it is your responsibility to ensure that your potential customers know about that. Your brand must resonate with your target audience and it must outshine other competitive brands and experts believe that a folded card with unique die-cutting could go a long way in differentiating your brand.

Use the Inside as a Coupon

You could convert the back panel, or the back half, or even the inside into a coupon or you may alternatively, provide a coupon code with a special service or product promotion. Providing discounts to customers seems to work great and it encourages the clients to keep your visiting card, motivate direct sales or even visit your website or store.

Generate a Mini Catalog or Service Listing

You could effectively convert the inside of your folded business card into a mini catalog or a service listing that demonstrates all your services and products, or at least, it is representative of what you do best. You could alternatively, use this compact space for explaining what seems to make your brand unique and different from the rest. You could optimally utilize this space for providing a list of benefits associated with purchasing things from you. You could explain why you are surely the best choice despite so many others present in the industry.        


Consider using the extra space in a folded business card for maintaining appointment reminders.  These business cards motivate you to be organized. This is surely a genuine and accepted technique to create and bolster business connections, expand deals, and discover business openings.

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Martin May 9, 2020 at 10:47

thanks for such an astonishing blog. I totally agreed with these points that folded cards never lose their importance. It will always boost business marketing



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