Smart Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing

How You Can Be Smart About Using Video in Your Marketing

Video has been an excellent tool for communication since it was first invented. Even more than the written word, this medium has the power to draw attention and really engage audiences. The appeal of video content is evident to most marketers to the point that being able to include it in your strategy is an irresistible idea. However, you don’t want to be too hasty. 

It’s with a smart marketing strategy that you can really see the rewards that video can bring about. There’s a lot to consider if you’re ready to get started with video marketing. After all, if you’re going to benefit, you’ll need to make sure to really get it right. 

Putting Video Into Use

You can’t get started without a plan, fueled by goals. The reasons behind the very decision to use video in marketing may be quite evident – you know how it can appeal to potential customers and you understand the boost that can bring your business. However, reasons like these are simply not enough to guide a video marketing campaign. Just as with any other marketing plan you take on, from a new logo design to a completely new social media strategy, you need something more. You need a specific purpose behind every video you set out to create. 

Only when you know what you want your video to accomplish will you know how that video needs to be created. Behind each video is an audience you’re striving to appeal to, a message you want to get out, and a goal you want to see reached in the results. With solid focus, the right elements can come together for a campaign that won’t disappoint. 

Get Their Attention

One of the great things about video content is its incredible ability to attract attention. Scrolling down Facebook, it’s easy to become captivated by a video that happens to come onto your screen. With high-quality content of your own, those that are complete strangers to your brand can be transformed into a captivated audience. As long as you can get eyes turning to your videos, you can get attention on your brand. 

Grabbing the attention of potential video viewers can be done in many different ways, and the method you go with will depend on a variety of factors. One factor is the audience. Different content simply resonates better with different people. Another factor is the purpose of your video. Getting anyone excited for an entertaining video will take something different than raising excitement with the purpose to inform or sell. No matter what, you have to pull them in, but there’s no one way to do it. In fact, being unique is probably your best bet to stand out among the competition. 

Show Who You Are

A great place to start is by pulling that attention right into your brand itself. With a brand video, you can pull new video viewers into their journey with your company. By opening up to them about who your brand really is in video form, the introduction you provide is able to be fully engaging and wonderfully welcoming. 

Create a Following

From that first brand video, you can then just continue pulling them farther in. Every video doesn’t necessarily have to sell your products or services. Good video marketing may, at times, only require a dedication to selling your brand. These sorts of videos don’t need to be high-end commercials by any means either. They just need to be the sort of content that appeals to and allows for connection with your audience

You can do this very well through vlogging. Vlogs are very similar to blogs, with the main difference being that even more personality can be shown and more engagement can be achieved through the video format. Through a consistent vlogging schedule, you will have them coming back to watch again and again. 

Sell the Product or Service

Once they’re watching and you really have them, it’s time to actually get sales out of video marketing. This is the form of marketing with video that can be viewed as straight advertising. Even when on the mission to sell though, your videos don’t need to be like anyone else’s. The only right way to advertise what you offer through video is by making the commercial that your target audience wants to see and that fits your brand. 

The fact is that videos are incredibly effective at closing in on that sale, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity? Whether you push video viewers towards customers with the story-driven commercial, a product demo, or a customer testimonial, the results of this video advertising should be something you can appreciate. 

Share Video in the Right Places

Once you’ve got your first video shot, edited, and ready to go, all that’s left is getting it out there. Now, don’t take this step too lightly. You worked hard to craft your video content and just as much work needs to be put into getting it seen by the right people. To do so, it couldn’t be more important to share in the right places. 

You have a lot of choices here. The top contenders for your video’s home should be your own website, Youtube, and the social media platforms. Just keep in mind when posting to social media that each platform is different and has different rules for the video content that should be posted. 

A Better Video-Driven Marketing Strategy

Video doesn’t have to be that difficult, but it does take work. More than anything, video marketing needs a smart strategy. If you know what you’re trying to achieve and put in the effort to make it happen though, you will see satisfactory results. 

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