The Timeline of iPhone’s Incredible Success

Think back to the phone you had before 2007. It probably was a ‘flip phone’ with a split keyboard, low resolution screen, a simple back camera that you primarily used for voice calls and texting. That changed in 2007, with the first unveiling of Apple’s original iPhone: a touch-screen creation that served as an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator, setting a new course for this decade and the ones to come.

The original iPhone laid the foundation for the modern smartphone, forever changing the way we access the world’s information. It brought in the touch screen and the App Store setting the trend for future mobile computers. The iPhone did more than change the way mobile devices were designed, it revitalized and redefined the industry. It created the idea that technology could be a status symbol, turning it into a product, buyers were willing to pay a high price for. While many people use Apple products because of its qualities, a big reason for Apple’s massive success was the company’s marketing. Apple’s ads show cool, modern, laid-back individuals and emphasize on how easy their everyday life is with Apple products. Who doesn’t want that?

Of course, there’s a price that comes with all of that. Apple’s devices have always been priced higher. Although today most of its competitors, like Samsung, have similarly priced devices, if not higher, people still think “expensive” when they think of the latest iPhone flagship more so than other devices. 

With all that said, Apple has managed to turn itself into the go-to brand of not only celebrities but also the creative people, the sporty ones, the businessman and many other. The common thing among all these people is they are successful at something, and that gives the iPhone the status symbol effect, a coolness aura unlike any other brand out there.

With Apple unveiling its brand new iPhone 12 series this October, we’re introducing to you a visual timeline of iPhone’s success breaking down 14 years of history and evolution showcasing each launch with its unique features and specs.

It’s most likely that we’ll see even greater developments over the next 10 years and will look back at the smartphones of today as we do with flip phones of the past. It will be extremely exciting to see what else Apple has in store to make our devices even smarter. Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy!

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  1. At the point when the iPhone originally hit the scene, most of the telephones available were standard mobile phones. The iPhone totally changed how clients had the option to cooperate with their cell phones. This touchscreen pattern has stretched out to tablets, just as even a few PCs and TVs.


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