Love music? Why Not Include it in Your Instagram Stories?

Day-in, day-out billions of users login and logout of Instagram. To make the user experience better than before, Instagram app makers keep on adding new updates. These nuances are sometimes related to stories, the other times, they are related to feeds. However, one of the most interesting updates that has made a lot of users go crazy is the inclusion of music in the Instagram stories. Adding music to your stories makes them even more exciting. So, why not learn how to make that possible? 

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Making Instagram stories musical

A little bit of wondering about ‘why do you like the Instagram stories that you like?’ can lead you to the spice up that’s being done for creating them. For spicing them up, a lot of things can be done, but amongst them, music is becoming the most important spice. Adding music makes a picture more live, appealing, and announcing that otherwise. Here’s how to do it.

Adding music to your story pictures

If you have seen the Instagram story button develop all these years, you would be familiar with adding a poll or maybe tagging a sticker option. These choices are available to you when you want to post a story. Similarly, the option to add music is also available from the same virtual space on the Instagram application.

Steps for adding an Instagram Story:

  • For a story, you either need a photo or a video, so start by selecting one from your phone and tap the stickers option on the top.
  • Select a music sticker, like you, do of a poll or any other. Doing so would let you search for the music you wish to check from Instagram itself.
  • If you manage to select one, you can see the slider to drag it to the portion of the song, you wish to be played for the same amount of time that your story is being displayed. 
  • After specifying the portion, you need to tap on Done and let the application know about your finalization. 
  • The music sticker can be moved and placed anywhere in the story, just any other sticker. Once you are done with moving and placing, you can finally tap on the Your Story option for publishing the story or Send to for sending it to specific people. 

You can also make your Instagram story musical using Spotify and Soundcloud

Using Spotify allows you to directly add music tracks from the Spotify application. When you are playing a specific song on the Spotify application, there is an option displayed on the screen that allows you to share that song. Once you have figured out which song to share, search and open that song, click on the three-dot tab, and click on Share. Choose the Instagram application’s icon from the very many icons displayed over there. Doing so would allow the music sticker of the song that you have selected on the story screen. And you know how to take it forward. 

Keeping the basics of sharing the same, you can also create an Instagram story with a song that is particularly present on Soundcloud. You need to be logged in to your Soundcloud account and know where your music track is present. The share button on the Soundcloud application is present at the bottom, unlike Spotify’s right top one. This would let you select a music track which will then appear as a sticker on your Instagram story. 

The Conclusion

For all those who eagerly wish to be noticed in the virtual world of Instagram where there are a billion account holders, musical stories are a great way of doing so. You can take a video or a photograph of yours or the one that you’ve clicked of a particular landscape and try matching it with a suitable music track. The closer your match, the more chances of people liking your story after seeing it, and hence the more you get noticed.

In fact, doing so also earns likes on your account. Once you decide on regular posting of such stories, your followers will not only constantly follow you, but also talk with their friends and followers. They can share your creativity and that’s something that can earn you more followers as well as some likes. 

And admit it! Everyone likes to get more likes and followers on their Instagram account, to an extent that there are special applications as well as websites dedicated to it. Websites/ applications allow you to earn millions of likes free of charge. So, instead of going through the headache of visiting all those websites and applications for figuring out the best one, you can learn to make musical stories. Can’t you? After all it can help you grow your online popularity faster. 

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