The Value of Infographics for Marketers in 2020

In the 2010s, infographics evolved into one of the most popular marketing channels out there and it looks like they’ll remain relevant for quite some time. Marketers were able to realize just how important infographics are for their campaigns and 2020 is the year we’ll see even more of them include these things into their operations. In case you’re wondering what kind of value they’ll have for marketers in 2020, make sure you read on.

Increased brand awareness

Infographics are designed to provide users with information that can be absorbed in a timely fashion. However, they can include much more and most of the time, marketers use this to promote brands. Take a better look at any infographics you find online and you’ll see that most of them have a name, logo, and even some additional information about the company that created them. When used properly, things like this can increase brand awareness by 12 percent. This is mostly because visual content is far more effective than just text. In 2020, expect marketers to keep looking for new ways to include brand awareness-boosting visuals into their infographics.

Even quicker information

When marketers first started using them, it seemed like infographics have taken the world by storm. While their popularity only kept growing, some new types of infographics started to emerge. One of these new types is micro-infographics; they have been specifically designed to provide users with even quicker information. Micro-infographics generally focus just on one or two stats, making them extremely easy to read. Their main purpose is to drive traffic to landing pages and attract users across various channels. This type of infographics is well-suited for platforms such as Instagram, which allow you to post multiple images at once. Due to how easy they are to make and effective they are, it’s safe to say micro-infographics will explode in 2020.

Increased traffic

Due to their attractiveness and how easy they are to share on social media, infographics have become one of the best tools for driving traffic to your website. Marketers are aware users are constantly searching for content and infographics are often used to navigate them to the content they need. In 2020, marketers will continue to use infographics to increase traffic and they’ll keep coming up with ways to include links and “share” buttons in them. Moreover, they’ll keep improving their illustrations and make even more attractive infographics. Businesses in all sectors will be turning to experts such as those at Infostarters, looking to design the most attractive infographics.

User interaction

Marketing is constantly advancing and marketers are always looking for new ways to encourage users to engage in their content. This has led to interactive infographics, which are now being shared across all popular social media platforms. They include stuff such as animations, hyperlinks, tooltips, and other non-static visuals into their infographics and aim at creating fun content users will love. One of the most popular interactive infographics is a chart with clickable components. Clicking on any of these components can take you to another piece of content where you can find out more about that specific topic. Experts anticipate marketers will use interactive infographics even more in the next twelve months.

Going viral

Studies have shown that content with visual elements such as images generates 94 percent more views than just text. The main characteristic of infographics is that they combine visuals with useful information users look for. This is exactly why people online enjoy infographics and are more likely to share them through their own circles of influence. As a result, it becomes easy for an infographic to go viral and help the brand attract customers. We’ve seen plenty of infographics go viral in 2019 and there’s no doubt the trend will continue in 2020. Marketers will work even harder on designing graphics people want to share.

Infographics have been around for a while and their role in the world of marketing has never been more important than it is right now. There’s no doubt 2020 will be the year they gain even more use in all industries. The possibilities with infographics will expand and marketers will come up with new ways to include them in their operations.

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