Experiential Marketing Ideas for 2020

Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, is a continuously growing trend in today’s world which involves marketing a service or a product through social experiences that engage the consumers with the main aim of creating an emotional attachment to the service/product.

The main purpose for experiential marketing is to create a closer connection between the brand and the consumer, by immersing them in a memorable and enjoyable experience. If a certain brand event is able to successfully bring out positive emotions from their target audience, then there is a high chance that these individuals would associate those emotions with that brand, which is actually a more effective strategy than just presenting them a sponsored ad on Facebook or other social media sites.

There are a whole lot of products and services out there these days, so companies must find an effective way on how they will attract the attention of consumers and have their brand’s product or service become memorable in their minds. Experiential marketing is more than an ad or billboard, as it focuses on the emotional side of the consumer. Also, experiential marketing is basically a real-life event that the consumer can take part of. For instance, if the product is an energy drink, the consumer should be able to experience the product so they can see what it looks like, how it tastes when they drink it, and how they feel after taking it.

Experiential marketing continues to really evolve thanks to the advent of various technologies in the 21st century.  The presence of virtual reality, touchscreens and smartphones has made it possible for experiential marketing campaigns to reach millions of people worldwide in just a short span of time. Consumers who have had a positive experience regarding a product or service are more than likely to share their individual experiences on social media.

Here are three experiential marketing ideas for 2020:

  • Art installations

One of the great ways to get and sustain attention is through the use of art installations. People are visual creatures by nature, so it is no wonder that when we see something we like, we take a photo and share it on social media. Therefore, having a well-designed art installation can give one’s brand more social media credits as it gets them the engagement and attention they’re looking for. Brands don’t have to shell out a huge wad of money since the installations can range from small storefront designs to massive street art installations.

For instance, prior to the release of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” movie in 2013, the company doing the promotions campaign wanted to show people what it would look like when food fell from the sky. They created big and bright yummy sculptures on the sidewalk, which of course, caught the undivided attention of many who had fun checking it out and even shared with their friends and family what they saw via social media.

  • Live Events

Live events are a primary element in experiential marketing. This can be done by only one brand or a collaboration of many. It can just be a simple book-signing session or an all-out live concert. Creating a program that is appreciated by your target audience will allow them to mentally mark your brand with a fun and positive experience. The nice thing about these live events is that they don’t have to be directly related to a specific brand. A tech company can partner up with a musical band that has a lot of fans. Also, a brand can share the budget and risk by partnering up with other brands.

About 90% of people who attended live festival events said they were more likely to buy a product after having had that music experience, and they also had better overall perception of the company as a result of its involvement in the festival.

For instance, the Imagine Music Festival is an electronic dance music festival held in Atlanta, USA. Last year, they had an immersive undersea aquatic motif with mermaids, circus performers, vendors, art installations and more. Their sponsor partners include Monster Energy drink, Bud Light, Lit Vodka, Kandies World, among others.

  • Food experiences

For companies related to food and drinks, it is relatively easy to think of something to promote their brand. However, for other brands, it can be a bit challenging to market their name if they only stick to their main product or service, like a book or travel agency; but if they incorporate food into their promotional campaign, then they can attract a lot of people since everyone loves food, especially when it’s free.

For instance, the promotions team at the New York International Auto Show in 2011 wanted to present their guests with a tasty treat that is also incredibly impressive to look at. They had enlisted the help of Buddy Valastro and his crew from Carlo’s Bakery (Cake Boss) to make them a Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Cake for Chevrolet, complete with special effects. The guests were amazed by the cake’s appearance and loved eating it as well!

When consumers experience something that becomes personalized and memorable for them, they then start to develop a better and deeper relationship with brands, accepting and cherishing them for their values that have become meaningful through their experiential marketing campaigns.

Of course, marketing trends come and go, and some may stick for even longer. Whatever the outcome may be, it is important for brands and their marketers to keep on thinking of innovative ideas as well as to keep track on the latest trends to make sure they are on top of the game.

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  1. Quite a good read! I couldn’t agree with you more. Marketing strategies with a little quirk in them are going to do wonder in the future. Lots of brands are trying to be a little quirky with their marketing strategies to get the attention of their target audience. The best example I think would be DeadPool movie promotions banners, hoardings, and digital ads.

  2. This is such a good article. I believe that through customers’ great experience, you can earn patrons. Thank you for sharing these marketing ideas.


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