Top 4 reasons as to why Seiko Presage watches are the real deal

A wristwatch is more than just utility. Yes, it is what keeps you on time for the meetings and conferences. But beyond maintaining time, your wristwatch reflects your personality and accents your dressing style. So, the next time you are heading out makes sure you accessorize the right way with the perfect watch for the occasion. And, when you are looking for the right brand, nothing beats a Seiko. If you are new to the world of branded watches, then the following post is perfect for you. In the next section, we have listed all the technical details that make your Seiko the best in business. 

  • The magic is in the quartz

The first thing you need to understand is that not all quartz is the same and of the same quality. Various watchmakers use mass-market materials for making a watch, which makes the piece unreliable when it comes to keeping time. With a Seiko Presage watch, you have a guarantee of hand-assembled watches with the utmost care and precision. The Seiko quartz is a bespoke item that is aged for 90 days with stability tests to compensate for temperature, pressure, and depth changes. This extensive R&D means your Seiko will keep running for 50 years without requiring a change of oil.

  • About the dive watches

Dive watches are specialized tools and therefore require the maximum level of precision during the manufacturing process. Seiko is a brand that is synonymous with precision dive watches that function admirably at depths of up to 600m. Seiko watches are known for their superior water and gas resistance. Hardened titanium shell, yet lightweight, the Seiko diver watches are genuinely magnificent. 

  • The spring drive technology

Seiko has patented technology when it comes to the manufacturing of spring watches. The spring-drive system is a revolutionary technology that was the passion project of famous watchmaker Mr. Yoshikazu Akahane, and his persistence paid off with the development of the perfect watch. This variety is as accurate as quartz and durable, like an automatic. The tri-synchro regulator system comprising of the quartz oscillator, rotor power, and coil makes this variety the best in its class across all watchmaker giants. 

  • The best in precision class

The first thing you need from a watch is precision. Seiko is an overachiever when it comes to accuracy. But it’s not just that. The watchmaker strives for perfection and has transcended craft into an art form. Technologies like the spring-drive, magic lever, quartz technology, the robust Prospex are all hallmarks of determination and drive to deliver the best possible timepiece for your daily use.

Most of their designing and technological marvels are a pioneer work in their respective fields. And, therefore, it is no wonder that most watchmakers are always looking up to Seiko to provide the next big breakthrough in the art of watch crafting. So, the next time you plan to buy a watch, buy a Seiko. You deserve the best. 

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