Top 7 Security Issues App Developers Need to Consider for Avoiding Making It

More than 1,000 apps are released every day, and hackers keep eagle’s eye on each of them to find the one that is lacking in security. No matter what type of business app you are launching on the app store, what matters the most is whether you pay attention to all security issues or not. Avoiding the same security issues can cost you much higher than your imagination. The report shows 76% of mobile apps contain some vulnerabilities.

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Mobile security entails numerous challenges that encompass multiple integrations, rapid development, and users that typically operate the software outside the enterprise boundaries and controls. A recent study represents that the number of malware detections has decreased dramatically in recent years; it has dropped by 40% compared to 2017.

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Most business industries, including education, service, retail, manufacturing, etc, have been significantly impacted by various threats in 2019. The threat actors heat up in multiple sectors, bringing the United States to a screeching halt with infections. Thus it becomes essential for businesses to pay attention to various security measures ensuring their business growth.

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Top Issues App Developers Need to Consider to Ensure Error Free Product

Mobile app security is a primary concern as sensitive data residing within the app. The mobile data can be at risk if app owners don’t consider proper security measures as the app vulnerabilities have increased significantly. Nowadays, most hackers target low secured apps to gain access over the crucial information and use it maliciously. Hence developers need to take care while developing the app for any of the platforms; they need to consider all security measures to build an effective and secured app solution.

The Arxan technology report shows that 90% of apps had at least two significant security risks. More than 50% of businesses do not plan a separate budget for apps security. And the lack of mobile security is proved to be a threat to most hackers worldwide and result in huge risks for businesses. Explore the top issues that developers need to address while developing a mobile app for businesses.

  1. Secure Code

Code is one of the vulnerable features for an app which can be exploited by hackers. Hence it becomes vital for developers to write highly secure code for the app which they are developing. More than 11.6 million devices are affected by malicious code. Remember that the hackers badly can use your app code, hence develop a rigid code that can’t be broken using the agile development strategy.

  1. Data Encryption

Encryption is an effective process of converting data into an encrypted format that a third party can’t read without decrypting it. Data encryption is one of the most accurate ways to save crucial data from all malicious use. However, suppose the hackers stole the encrypted data. They can’t make use of the same, hence developing the app and storing the data in an encrypted manner as it is one of the best practices to ensure the app and data security.

  1. Trusting Third-Party Libraries

App code often requires a third-party library for code building. Developers need to avoid trusting any libraries while developing the app, as most are not entirely secure. While creating an uber taxi app clone for the transportation business or other app solutions per your customers’ demand, make sure to use the best and securities libraries. Keep in mind that the libraries’ flaws open ways for hackers to use malicious code and crash the system.

  1. Always Use Trusted API

Ensure to use trusted API within your app code. It gives attackers the privilege to make the inappropriate use of app data; for example, authorization caches information can be used by attackers to grab access to the system. Hence it becomes essential to have central authorization for almost all API used in app development, increasing security risk significantly.

  1. High-Level Authentication

Authentication is one of the crucial parts when it comes to mobile app security. Weak authentication can result in losing essential information, which ultimately results in negative impressions in the market. Developers and app users’ authentication matters the most when it comes to ensuring app security, hence keep the password policy. Make sure that as a developer, you build a solid password policy that can’t be broken by any hacker worldwide.

  1. Eliminate Providing Privileges

It becomes essential for you to avoid providing privileges to more users to ensure your app code security. Give all access to those who intend to receive them, else try to give minimum rights to others as it can help you keep your app code secure and safe from hackers. Keep the network minimum during the whole development cycle to craft secured and accurate to process products for users.

  1. Test Rigorously

One of the simple solutions to ensure app security is repeated and rigorous testing. With the updated security trends, it becomes essential for you to update your app to ensure its safety. Go for penetration testing and get an idea about almost all the app’s vulnerabilities, so it becomes relatively easy for you to secure it from all the threats. Use security patches in the app with each new version released and updated launched in the market.

Summing It Up

There are many more practices that app developers must follow to craft a fully secure solution. App developers who consider the above-listed steps can easily ensure their app security; developers need to understand that the number of cyber-attacks has increased in recent years. Thus it becomes vital for them to pay attention to all the security measures that ensure app security and develop a fully secure solution.

Guest article written by: Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and Co-founder of Elluminati Inc. Deep having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring entrepreneurial skill and guidelines. Along with that he loves to craft content on topics including on-demand economy, entrepreneurship, technology trends and many more.

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