Tech Mistakes Newbies Make When Finding Remote Work

With the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, millions of individuals have been laid off or have transitioned into the process of working remotely right from the comfort of their own home. Working remotely has opened up doors to many individuals who may not have otherwise had opportunities to seek jobs and long-term careers in their preferred markets and industries. Understanding a few tech mistakes that newbies make when finding remote work can help you to prevent and avoid them when looking for your next paying job.

Not Updating Your Resume

Updating your resume is imperative whether you are submitting your application to a local company or an online business. Update your resume each time you are vying for a new position. Tweaking your resume to fit the desired position you wish to obtain can help you to stand out amongst other applicants who have submitted a cook-cutter version of their resumes. Individually updating your resume each time you apply for a new position can also showcase your commitment and dedication to the job as well as your willingness to go the extra mile with additional effort.

Not Building an Online Presence

If you are interested in entering a thriving market rife with competition, building an online presence is a must. Create a digital portfolio, official website, and even a blog relevant to the industry you represent to help boost your own reputation.

Limiting Yourself to Specific Industries

When searching for remote jobs, it is important to maintain an open mind, as millions of remote jobs are now widely available in a variety of markets and industries today. If you are finding it difficult to find remote work in your preferred industry, consider moving out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Not Setting a Schedule in Place

If you are new to remote work, it is important to remember to treat remote work just as you would any other in-office or on-site position. When you avoid setting a schedule in place, you are much more likely to experience an increase in burnout and feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

You Don’t Take the Process Seriously

Finding remote work should be taken as seriously as seeking out a traditional position. Unfortunately, the immense freedom and flexibility is often extremely new to most, which can lead them down a path of becoming sidetracked and distracted often. Taking yourself and the prospect of obtaining a remote position seriously is one of the quickest ways to land a position that is genuinely right for you and also in your preferred wheelhouse. If you avoid setting a schedule for yourself and working diligently to seek out positions, new clients, or sales, you will find yourself struggling to stay afloat financially.

Taking your time when finding remote work, updating your resume, and creating an online presence to showcase your professional skills all go a long way when working from home. Whether you are thinking of leaving your current position or if you are simply looking for new remote opportunities, remote work is possible for just about anyone today with the right skills and hard work.

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