Why The iPhone Is So Useful For Freelancers

Using an iPhone isn’t an uncommon thing; in the US alone, about 100 million people are proud iPhone owners! It’s a very popular smartphone model, and it seems to have a real edge over its Android competition – but why is that? 

Well, we don’t have all the answers, but we can certainly tell you why using an iPhone is so useful when you’re in the freelancing market, of which there are 57 million in the US too! It’s a powerful tool, no matter whose hands it’s in, but let’s go through some of the main reasons it’s so good for any self employed people out there. 

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There’s Better Security

The iPhone is known to be a little more secure than any of its Android counterparts, and far less hacking attempts have been conducted on them since the model’s inception. Apple pride themselves on running a closed system, with their source code a closely guarded secret that neither users nor app developers have a chance to tweak. This is very good for business! 

Android uses open source code, meaning far more vulnerabilities are obviously present in the system, and can be more easily exploited. However, it’s still possible to be hacked when you have an iPhone, and you should always be wary when using apps and websites for both viruses and malware. 

There’s an Incredible Camera

The iPhone camera has been steadily improved in recent years, ensuring that more and more people can take high definition photos no matter where they are or how high their skill level is. People can conduct their own little photoshoots simply using an iPhone camera, and some of the best videos uploaded to Youtube have been shot on an iPhone. 

Which is why any photographers or video producers that work for themselves will have much better luck using an iPhone during work hours. And if you need them, there are some very efficient iphone photography tips to discover right here! 

There are More Quality Apps and Better Integrated Software

The iPhone’s App Store has a lot more security measures to it, as well as a much thorough vetting process, to try and ensure only the best apps make their way to your homepage. When the iPhone was first released, Apple claimed its integration was first class, and better than anything else on the market. 14 years later, does that claim still stand? 

As far as we can see, yes. This is mostly due to the amount of control Apple has over the manufacturing and quality assurance process, and how self reliant they are as a company – easy for a multi billion dollar corporation! But if you’re a freelancer just starting out, this also works in your favor: more support, better apps, better features, and less hassle when trying to work remotely. 

The iPhone is so useful for freelancers for a variety of reasons, but most of all, it’s because it’s a good phone model, and it’s incredibly accessible for the people.  

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  1. Very interesting content.
    At the point when the iPhone was first delivered, Apple asserted its joining was top-notch and better than all else available. … The iPhone is so helpful for specialists for an assortment of reasons, yet a large portion of all, this is on the grounds that it’s a decent telephone model, and it’s inconceivably available for individuals.


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