10 Cloud computing trends to look out for in 2021

Going Serverless

Serverless is the next step in cloud computing.  It is a method of cloud computing that allows users to write and execute code without worrying about infrastructure. Essentially it means developers don’t need to worry about maintaining or managing servers when they deploy code.

It’s flexible enough that is allows for a dynamic allocation of resources and then charges the user for the resources needed to execute a specific piece of code.

Serverless cloud computing was one of the top five fastest growing Platform-as-a-service in 2020, according to a Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud report. 

Rushed IT investments must be re-examined

The need for IT in 2020 was unprecedented.  IT professionals were pressured to onboard their businesses to a model that allowed them to work remotely. This seemingly spontaneous leap meant that businesses focused more on getting things running rather than on long-term approaches to optimize their IT. 

IT consulting strategies served to improve their chances of success but they lagged behind those who had already adopted cloud.  As a result, IT developments, cloud migration and other projects were hastened to meet the demand. However, these solutions left many with uncertainty regarding their new technology.

76 percent of all IT professionals are concerned about the impact of their own short-term projects. Many of these IT department are full of outdated legacy systems. Slow and vulnerable hardware and software creates a slew of issues regarding workflow, resourcing, and competition. These next few year, however, will be the time for organization and commitment to a proper digital transformation. 

In 2020, businesses were hindered by slow, outmoded IT architecture. However, the sudden need for cloud technology allowed companies to make the leap towards digital transformation they would have otherwise not made. Having taken these steps, they now ready to implement these changes in productive and proactive ways in the coming years.

Cloud Computing will Grow At A Substantial Rate

Public cloud will grow by 35 percent in 2021 to about $120 billion as cloud continues to be essential in the recovery from the global pandemic.

The global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021, as the cloud continues to “take center stage” in the recovery from the pandemic, according to Forrester Research.

One important issue cloud vendors and users will have to address is how quickly to adapt to evolving customer demands. Cloud technology was the solution for businesses to achieve goals quickly and at a scale but many companies are just starting to figure out how to leverage the cloud to its full potential. Many new applications and cloud services will be developed to benefit users and it will be the responsibility of cloud service providers to assist in the onboarding process.

The global private cloud server market was valued at $30.24 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.6 percent from 2019 to 2025.

A private cloud server is optimal for organizations with more versatile computer needs where control over the cloud environment is essential. The growing remote workforce and the shifts in demand to access the cloud computing resources and applications anywhere at any time are prompting businesses to switch to private cloud servers. Advances in technology dealing with monitoring threats, storage, and firewall protections are expected to bring opportunities for the market growth of a private cloud service.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Organizations need a strong artificial intelligence (AI) engineering strategy to ensure their AI projects don’t fail, Gartner said in its “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021” report.

Organizations should consider a strong artificial intelligence (AI) strategy to make sure AI projects succeed, according to a “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021” report.

AI engineering makes Artificial Intelligence a part what is considered the mainstream of Development Operations rather than fringe projects.

AI has turned into an umbrella term for specific aspect of AI application dealing with the trust, risk, transparency, accountability, safety and compliance and fairness of AI, according to Gartner research.

‘Perfect Storm’ Of Data Privacy And Cloud Migration

The COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in popularity of cloud will create issues regarding data governance and compliance in 2021.  

Securing data migration will still be a top concern on the cloud. For example, encrypting all data which requires a data governance team before their original IT team is allowed to move data from on site to the cloud. These IT services are essential to securing data privacy.

The emphasis on data security will come as a result of massive dependence on cloud computing. That is why businesses must look for cloud providers that follow strict compliance protocols to ensure data safety, incorporating them into their IT strategy.

Many Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), are responsible for onboarding businesses to a cloud platform. That’s why MSP’s are seeing an increase in popularity in the last few years. Managed IT services provide many a variety of IT solutions including software-as-a-service, hardware-as-a-service, cloud and cyber security.

Nerds Support, for example, has maintained a focus on cyber security regarding the cloud. Implementing multifactor authentication and 24/7 monitoring of all systems to ensure optimal communication and security between users and provider.

Legislation will have to be introduced to protect data moving towards increased control of personally identifiable information (PII). This is happing in the medical industry, financial industry and more.

Increased Cloud Management And Cost Containment Challenges

For businesses across the US and the world, migrating to the cloud has greatly improved collaboration and operations within the organization. However, it also comes at a price.

There are too many developing fields within IT and cloud computing solutions. Companies are still in their infancy when it comes to using cloud technology. IT services companies are growing more adept in cloud because it’s recent boost in popularity. IT consulting is also gaining a boost due to a demand for a compressive cloud computing strategy.

 As previously mentioned, businesses are only now getting the hang of cloud technology. But there is still much waste when it comes to optimizing cloud and customizing it to their specific business goals. IT consulting in that sense serves to guide a business through the ocean of uncertainty surrounding the cloud.

Platform vendors and MSP’s want to be relevant to keep up with the growing cloud market. Therefore, managing and maintaining cloud computing software will be the name of the game in the coming years.

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