Three Ways an Artificial Intelligence Help Desk Can Help Your Business

by Calvin on February 4, 2021

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If there’s one aspect or department of modern companies that’s begging for change and evolution, it’s traditional IT help desks. IT specialists in most companies are overworked and inundated with tickets every day. These large numbers of tickets not only put IT professionals under pressure they also cost businesses a lot. In the past, many large-scale companies have been able to reduce these costs by outsourcing their help desk operations. However, outsourcing always comes with the risk of inefficiency, miscommunication problems, and the risk of data loss or theft. In order to boost internal workforce productivity and drive organizational efficiency, businesses must find different IT help desk solutions that are permanent and cost-efficient. That’s where Artificial Intelligence-powered tools can help.

Artificial Intelligence tools are being introduced in various aspects of modern-day business management. AI tools help businesses make drastic changes to different aspects of their workflows and increase productivity levels. So, the concept of having an AI-powered IT help desk isn’t anything strange. Given that most IT help desks need to improve in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the use of these tools to manage different types of data, be it addressing employee computer repair requests or reducing the number of redundant tickets, is highly justified and necessary. Smaller businesses that need to operate on lower IT budgets can especially benefit a lot by utilizing AI technology.

Virtual Chat Bots 

One of the best aspects of a highly advanced artificial intelligence help desk is that it comes with virtual chatbot systems. These chatbots can communicate with employees about their IT requirements and address any IT-related queries they may have in real-time. These chatbots can massively reduce the number of tickets created in companies every month. With these AI-powered virtual chatbots assisting help desk employees, they won’t have to go through repetitive and easily solvable tasks on a daily basis. Some repetitive tasks, such as accessing folders or passing multi-factor authentication systems, can be immediately addressed by these chatbots.

IT professionals don’t have to manually perform these tasks as these chatbots can serve as automated resource centers for new employees. Zendesk reports that help desk employees take an average of 24.2 hours to provide first responses to internal support tickets. Automating these mundane tasks can give service desk agents a lot of time. More importantly, organizational productivity levels can improve a lot.

Workload Management 

Just like how IT Help Desk specialists are instructed to provide reliable and appropriate support while responding to service requests, AI bots can also be trained to understand service requests. These advanced tools also come equipped with Enterprise Language Models (ELM). ELMs can be armed with company-specific IT service knowledge bases. Essentially, the AI-powered help desk can be customized to meet help desk service requests that are specific to one enterprise.

The AI-powered IT help desk will know and understand company language, cryptic notations, company terminologies, domain-specific words, etc. Such terms are common in most IT Help Desk requests, so having an AI-powered tool that understands the conversations employees usually have with their IT specialists is very helpful. Such advanced tools can hence manage the organization’s workflow very efficiently. AI tools can prioritize ticket requests and create time-efficient workflows for the company’s IT professionals. As a result, IT help desks will become more efficient and intuitive for the employees.

Lower the Number of Tickets

Most IT departments struggle a lot when it comes to keeping up with the vast number of tickets they receive. Often, tickets aren’t even assigned properly, and they end in the hands of the wrong professionals. Naturally, plenty of time is lost on a day to day basis, routing new tickets to the right professionals. An AI-powered help desk system can reduce response and problem resolution time by eradicating this issue of wrong routing. In the long run, the consistent routing of tickets to the right professionals will save organizations plenty of time and resources. The need to create new tickets because older ones were routed to the wrong professionals also diminishes.

Another great advantage of AI-powered IT help desks is that they eliminate the need to resolve many mundane tasks. A mundane task such as password resetting massively increases service desk ticket volumes. Most employees tend to forget their passwords and have to request IT professionals, to resolve these issues. A recent study revealed that 20-50% of all help desk requests involved password resets. Forrester claims that on average, each password reset request costs $70 in help desk labor fees. Hence, automated help desks can not only help end-users become self-sufficient when it comes to going through the steps to recover their passwords, but they can also massively reduce help desk labor costs.

Artificial Intelligence-powered tools are the future. The faster businesses start adopting these tools, the better their competitive edges will be in the industry.

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