3 Best True Wireless earbuds under 5000 INR in India

Well, we all are admirers of music. And to experience music while you are traveling or walking is a treat itself. But everyone wants to get away with all the hassle wired earphones create with all the tangling and uneasiness they create. 

So, true wireless earbuds are the solution to every problem, and below are some of the best true Wireless earbuds you can get under 5000 INR.

1. Realme Buds Air Pro

The True Wireless Buds Relame Buds Air Pro in Rs 4,999 is by far the best TWS you can get now. All those who want to feel every beat of the song and are into mobile gaming should go for this as it comes with the lowest latency in this price segment and has a rich sound with noise cancellation. Overall it delivers the best audio experience. 

It has a decent battery backup of 25hrs since it comes with the brand new S1 chip which focuses on low battery consumption and this TWS earbud charges up very rapidly. The Realme Buds Air Pro is very catchy with its design and various color options. It is very handy too, it gets connected automatically to your phone as soon as you open the case. And no chance of missing voice control because these TWS earbuds have got all of that. So, it is full package TWS earbuds


+ Active noise cancellation(35dB)

+ Very low latency(94ms)

+ Good battery

+ Top-notch sound quality


– Plastic build

– IPX4 water-resistant not IPX5

– No convertible option

2. Motorola Verve Buds 200 True Wireless

The Motorola Verve Buds 200 True Wireless in Rs 4,499 is a pretty good deal as it comes with the authenticity of the Motorola. In addition to this, it also comes with a neck strap, which helps you to use them as a neckband too.

And you get an upper hand on almost everything since they get pretty loud, has a good battery life, excellent connectivity, and has complete control over voice assistants like Google or Siri. And comes with a good built and IPX5 water-resistant so you are good to go for rough use.


+ 10 hours of playback time

+ Superb build quality and comes with IPX5-rating.

+ 2 in 1 ( TWS and neckband)

+ Loud and crystal clear sound


– No inline remote

– Less base in terms of sound

– Takes a little more time in charging.

– Doesn’t hold very low latency.

3. boAt Airdopes 711

boAt Airdopes 711 comes at Rs 4,999. This is a product you don’t want to miss and it has all the features one desires for. The audio quality is just perfect with a nice base. Although the design is very unusual but likable. Gamers should keep an eye on this product as it delivers very low latency so you won’t get any delays in sound. 

The best part is its battery which is 40 hrs of battery. This is a surreal battery to have though charging takes a bit more time. And all the assistant controls are present and also call noise isolation is there which provides you a good experience while calling. So overall it is a pretty good TWS to have.


+ Playback time of 40hrs

+ IPX5 Water Resistant

+ Very Low Latency

+ Crisp Audio with excellent base


– Slow charging

– Fit not for everyone

Now if you are confused let me paint a clear picture in front of you. So if you are a person who tends to lose things frequently and does not do much gaming then in that case you should go for Motorola Verve Buds 200 True Wireless because it can be converted to neckband so you can use it this way and you are less likely to lose it.

But if you are a cod mobile gamer or something like that then in that case you should have a device that has a low latency so both boAt Airdopes 711 and Realme Buds Air Pro are perfect choices. It’s just that one has an upper hand on something that the other one doesn’t so you can check according to your needs.

Although if you seek for a bigger battery then go for boat or you can go with realme ones.

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