AI-Powered Video Editors Start the Innovation of Video Editing 

Artificial Intelligence is now a critical part of video marketing strategies as advances in AI and machine learning is empowering marketers to streamline, accelerate their video production workflows and create targeted content with fewer resources quickly. AI provides organizations with a chance to tailor their content and devise an effective strategy through analytics, thus leading to a win-win situation for both businesses and their consumers. 

 AI-enabled video editing is the future of the video industry. Creators and marketers are constantly on the lookout for tools that improve the efficiency of editing workflow and allow for new creative exploration. It is here that AI-powered video software that automates the process of video creation and editing comes into the picture. 

Wondershare, a reputable international software company devoted to providing the leading PC applications and internet applications, has recently launched its new software called Filmii Video Editor. It is an AI-powered video editor that makes the video editing process fun, easier, more efficient, and faster. Filmii brings more styles and convenience for individuals who are new to video creation. The unique software provides a variety of trendy templates to simplify the editing process and make interesting videos quickly.  

Here’s how Filmii is transforming video editing. 

Filmii: An AI-Powered Video Editor That Improves Video Editing Efficiency 

Wondershare Filmii is an excellent video editor where users are only required to upload their projects and wait for automatic video editing with a variety of innovative templates. Video creation with Filmii is very easy. After launching the software, choose a template from the Start screen and then import your footage and photos to the timeline. Once you click the Auto Create button, Filmii will automatically generate a video with music/ text/ transitions and effects. 

Some of the salient features of Filmii Video Editor are: 

1. AI-Powered Video Editor With Trimming Feature 

To trim any footage is to remove certain portions from the beginning to end. If you think the most interesting part of your clip happens a few moments in, or if you have recorded for much longer than you needed to, you can easily trim your clip and include the most thrilling part. 

If you are using templates, Filmii will analyze your video footage and trim your clips automatically to highlight the best parts. In case you creating in Advanced Editing Mode, you can trim your clips manually. All you have to do is trim manually by clicking on the bar at the beginning or end of your clip and drag it in the part you wish to remove. 

2. Easy-To-Use & Intuitive Interface 

One key feature that sets apart Filmii from many other video editing tools is its intuitive user interface. An easy-to-use video editor, Wondershare Filmii offers an interface that can be customized since you can easily change the software’s skin tones. Furthermore, you can go for its video tutorials to start your first video project while learning the basics. 

Once you click on the magic wand icon in Filmii’s Advanced Editing interface, you will see various effects like: 

  • Utility 

Masking and mosaics you can utilize for blurring certain parts of your video, blur around the edges of videos with different aspect ratios

  • Retro 

Effects that make your video footage look aged or older 

  • Distortion 

Effects to distort your footage in various ways 

  • Shake 

Effects that make it seem like the camera is shaking 

  • Frame 

Frames you can add around your images or clips 

  • LUT 

Color presets and filters you can drag onto your images or clips 

3. Generate Videos Automatically In A Minute 

A powerful video editing tool for beginners, Filmii provides the facility of artificial intelligence technology to create videos automatically in a jiffy. The software gives users the option to create stunning videos quickly by using smart templates that automate certain parts of the video editing process. 

4. Advanced Editing Tools Are Provided 

Wondershare Filmii allows you to start your project either in Advanced Editing or move into the Advanced Editing Mode once you’ve made a video with Auto Creation. You can find the Advanced Editing option near the export button. Click on it and it will take you to the full editing timeline where you can cut, correct, color, add effects, edit the properties of effects, and do much more. 

Filmii’s Advanced Editing Mode provides the option to edit your project’s audio in a variety of ways. Double click on any audio clip in your timeline and the audio editing tools will appear to the right of the video preview. You’ll see tools like – volume, fade in, fade out, and denoise. Also, you can even speed up or slow down your audio clip. Filmii even allows you to detach audio from video clips so that you can move, edit, or even delete it without affecting your footage.  

Abundant Video Templates for Various Social Media 

Wondershare Filmii comes with a variety of themed templates that let you personalize your videos just the way you want. Filmii allows you to easily edit videos for all social platforms. A popular AI–powered video editor, Filmii comes with presets for all your favorite platforms. So, no whether you want to make vertical videos for TikTok, square videos for Instagram, or horizontal videos for YouTube, Filmii has the right template for you. 

Wondershare Filmii: Pros and Cons 


  • AI-powered technology to make stylish videos automatically
  • Easy-to-use for beginners and novices 
  • A variety of overlays and filters 
  • Smart templates that cut, correct, and add effects to your footage 
  • Ready-to-use trendy templates to make your videos stand out 
  • Presets for various social media platforms 
  • Built-in video elements 
  • Built-in royalty-free music 


  • No Mac Version 


Wondershare Filmii is a smart, powerful, easy-to-use video editing tool with embedded templates for content creators and marketers who want to share their ideas. An AI-powered video editor, it allows users to finish video creation and editing in just a few minutes by using smart templates. Time to embrace automation to stay competitive! 

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  1. Sure, AI will play bigger role in the future of video editing, though at the moment, it is not quite there. Sure, the editor mentioned looks great, for social media videos, like Instagram or TikTok. Though hardly can be called “professional” editor, changing the luts and adding few emojis is far from what video editing is. Same as the MEME that circulating now, about the “designer” that use only “Canva”.

  2. Interesting to see this. thanks for the share. Today, Google released some best practices for optimization of videos and I think tools like this can help produce and market your videos better.

  3. Artificial Intelligence not only is now a critical part of video marketing strategies but also any social media.
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