Build Yourself A Successfully Solid Career By Using These 6 Strategies

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

You want career success, and it wanted it yesterday. You dream of finally climbing the top of the ladder and sitting there. Who doesn’t?

Whether you are a network support professional making 5 to 6 figures a year, or even a fast-food crew leader, this is still possible. You can achieve your dream. This short blog post will give you some pointers on that, something solid and tangible for you to mentally swallow and get started on. Nothing is impossible, friend.

6 strategies to digest

1. Define the goal.

It all starts here – but the simplest step is not always the easiest one to take. Make it clear in your mind. What is it you want to go after, and in what time frame does it need to happen? Write it down.

To further add, how do you plan to get there? What licensure do you plan on (or courses you even expect to take you by surprise)? How much current money do you have or plan to set aside as an investment in achieving that return? Do you have a plan B and C?

2. Create an impression.

This has more to do not only with your CV or Cover Letter and Resume but also with your basic elevator pitch. The best way to practice this is to go to the mirror and spend 15 – 20 minutes of your time every day pretending that you are speaking to a potential new employer of a Fortune 500 company about a prestigious job that is in crazy high demand. 

How would you introduce yourself to him or her, if you found them in an elevator, and only had 30 seconds of their time? Would you sell yourself well on why you would be the perfect recruit and save them time from having to post job boards and find someone? Would you pay to invest in a quality – made resume by a professional, one you could easily hand off to the executive in the elevator, along with your business card?

3. Acknowledge the strengths.

This is not a question of what certifications or strengths “do you want to have?”. But it is one of what “do you have?”. It starts here, plain and simple. And you cannot fake a strength or talent that you do not have, but must be humble enough to admit that you do not now possess it (but either plan to do so or admit that it is an area you were never naturally good at, and accept your limitations on). Strengths Finder is an excellent buy you should check out, which assesses this thoroughly.

4. Take charge.

This has more to do with taking responsibility for your mistakes, letting your past failures remain the past, and moving forward to make your dream or goal happen within its stated time frame, ideally. Keep in mind that no one is perfect, not even top achievers like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. 

So a sigh of relief, a deep and long one here, is what you should first take; and know that the Egyptian pyramids were not built in a single day but they were, still, nonetheless built. Yet it took constant time and persistence before seeing the end result.

5. Brand it.

You are a brand and a business, and not just any — you are a winning kind. Own it. Brand it.

Brand yourself as you have never branded yourself before, and the most important step you can add to this one is this; believe it. No one will believe what you are selling is worth anything unless you believe it first. 

And like with telling yourself this in the mirror every day, record yourself saying it several times over and listen to your own recording when you are the car each day. Believe in yourself so that others will believe in you.

6. Network.

Without connections, many times, we can’t get anywhere; that is the sad and hard fact of the matter. So if you are not naturally a people person, then make that change, first of all, with plenty of mind and mirror practice daily. Make one of your mental mantras, which you repeat in biofeedback, to be this: “I am a people person. I need people. And they need me. I have much to give, and it cannot be done alone.”

Networking gives you references. It gives you leads to higher-paying jobs. It gives you power. Do it.

Additional thoughts

These were 6 starting point strategies. Read them over again and often. Let them sink into your core being and change the way you think and act. Enact.

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