Easy Ways to Save Money on Streaming and Internet Costs

In 2021, the world is relying heavily on getting online and stream services, conducting business, and generally taking care of day-to-day tasks to eliminate or reduce face-to-face contact. No longer can you scrape by with not having access to such services. But, in reality, internet posts and subscription services can add up, and if you’re not careful, you can end up paying a lot for different subscriptions.

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So all in all, what exactly do you need to pay for, and how can you save money on your internet and subscription costs?


A VPN is essential when it comes to surfing the web. With many hackers and unscrupulous people, protecting any information you share online is a priority. Paying for a VPN can give you peace of mind, especially when using unsecured connections, to give you an added layer of privacy.

Subscription Services

In the beginning, you can take advantage of free trials and offers to help you access different services and try them out. From here, you are left with the option of either cancelling or continuing. Short of making throwaway email accounts to extend your free trial basis, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

Cost-wise, paying yearly offers you better value from money over monthly subscription costs. While different streaming services offer different movies and shows in terms of value from any content, only you can know what offers you the best value.

Ditch Live TV 

If you no longer watch live TV, chances are you can cancel your cable subscription and imply digest your entertainment via a streaming service alone. If you can catch up with local and national news online via social media and find you aren’t watching live TV, then forgoing this can help save you a lot of money each month.

Swap and Change

Another option, if you want to watch shows on different services but are short on funds, is to stop and start your subscription. If you are paying monthly, chances are you are not tied into a contract, and if you do not pay next month, your service will stop. Sign up for new show and movie releases on each service and switch between paying for different ones based on what you want to watch. Then binge your shows before deciding to take your money elsewhere. It is not an ideal scenario, but it can help you get the most for your money without paying out too much.

Avoid Premium and Avoid Ad Free

Ultimately, choosing to watch ad-free will be more annoying but much cheaper than choosing to forgo ads for a better viewing experience. Different networks and services can offer different packages depending on your viewing preferences, such as Netflix’s premium 4K offering. If you watch mostly on your phone or a tablet, this is wasted on you, and you should avoid paying for this option.

Always check what is included in each price point and ask yourself what you are comfortable compromising on. The difference can add up financially if you settle for basic viewing packages over options allowing for multiscreen watching, 4K or even ad-free options.

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