Integration of Audio Visuals for Testing


To test any software, gaming platforms, modern audio visual platforms, and OTT devices with all the possible dimensions play a vital role before putting any software into actual use. Anyone out of all must be tested to all the possible operational, reliability & ergonomic factors to satisfy & delight the end-user. With that said, audiovisual solutions companies come into the picture to provide test facilities to the developers for the said portfolio products & services. An audio visual integration company nowadays offers benefits of audio and video features to reach out to the root cause of the error.

How are audio-video features utilized for testing?

A camera with high resolution is placed opposite the device to be tested with the help of the audio-video solution method. The camera records the moments being executed with the device’s help, which is under testing. The detailed video is captured with the help of a camera and is continuously tested for different possible dimensions for a while under consideration.

Further, the audio from the device under testing is captured with the help of microphones and Bluetooth devices. The same audio signals are recorded with the help of a suitable device in which others are stored. The signals from the camera are integrated to have a detailed and structured organized analysis of the same to have efficient testing of the device under testing. 

This media industry is supposed to have a growth of 10.75% annually for the coming four years. All these signals are trending to introduce high demand for these testing techniques in the coming period.

Data collected from both devices are integrated at the place and are analyzed with the help of this software which the audio-video solution providers mainly design. The software analyses both the signals in an organized manner to test the possible dimensions where inflow can be detected. 

This helps to define the sequential way of testing, which results in effective testing. With the help of audio-video signals, this process is well defined, organized, and is carried out sequentially, which aims to save much time for the testing engineer.  

This process of utilizing audio and video signals for testing is more efficient as it considers the different parameters that can be missed by utilizing the signal testing method. A set of parameters can be tested well with audio signal analysis; simultaneously, some parameters can be tested with the help of video signal analysis. It also assists in understanding how your audio-video content is perceived by the end user.

Integration of both the signals in a single method gives an added advantage to the testing engineer, which aggregately helps test the different products, Video applications, entertainment, gaming software, video conferencing, and audit media devices.

Capabilities & benefits of audio visual platforms:

  • Accurate testing sans interference.
  • Analysis on real world performance data.
  • Accurate testing sans interference.
  • Automated measurement of audio/video KPIs.
  • Database of recorded sessions.
  • Automated documentation of audio/video KPIs.
  • Identification of the highest priority issues to fix.
  • Automated Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on the performance and quality of live video.

Advantages of audio visual testing:

  • As the process is based on real-time data recorded with the OTT-based devices, the possibility of precise testing results is accurate in the scenario.
  • This testing process is accompanied by automated audio and video recording data, further improving the testing. For example, how the device or service behaves can be recorded with this particular parameter. This data can be utilized in the future to analyze the device’s condition in a better way.    
  • The process can provide a mean of opinion score that is MOS. It helps to analyze and diagnose the device’s condition accurately. Furthermore, the generation of MIS with the help of audio-video signals and the system is also fully automated, increasing the preciseness of the testing.

 Features of Integrated Audiovisuals for testing:

  • It can capture audio and video generated from a diversified form of devices placed within the appliances. Mobile phones, tablets, smart speakers, OT devices, and set-top boxes are combined with the overall system.
  • It possesses the ability to utilize the digital Rights management screen for organized testing moderately.
  • It can be considered centralized testing as this process Is capable of testing a wide variety of applications in an exact manner. 
  • Integrated Audiovisuals for testing can be utilized to test automated, integrated applications.

 As there exists continuous gaming industry growth, the demand for these Integrated Audiovisuals for testing is exponentially increased & is going to increase in the coming future. This is because the value of the gaming industry was 4 billion in the year 2007 in India. The same is expected to rise to 143 billion by the year 2022.

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