The Rise of the Machines and the Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

  • 63% of marketing companies says artificial intelligence significantly improved conversion rates
  • More than 20% of Google searches are performed by voice-enabled devices 
  • Over 28% of marketers use artificial intelligence for product recommendations

It’s the year 2019—and the rise of the machines are transforming digital marketing. By machines, we mean of course, artificial intelligence (AI). Nowadays, AI makes it much easier to generate information for online shoppers directly from a website or in the search results.   


Yes, that horror movie recommended in your streaming library is generated from AI. 

Artificial intelligence can both generate and curate content to personalize the user experience. The system is able to generate content based on matching data and information that has been indexed through the internet. For instance, you may notice this as a pop-up that appears as soon as a user visits your website. 

Not only does AI generate content, it curates them based on the users’ past search or navigation history. To give you a better idea, perhaps a visitor is sifting through the blogs on your website. AI curates this content to suggest blog topics they may be interested in reading—just like that horror movie you watched a few weeks ago and today, suggested a new, but similar movie that you might like. 

Would you like to receive tips? Let’s chat a little further, so we can get to know you. 

Even after business hours, chatbots make it more convenient for your customers to chat directly with you online. Chatbots are programmed software that act as a form of online communication with preset information in order to generate automatic responses. 

Especially for potential buyers, chatbots make it simpler for visitors to ask and receive answers to questions before buying the final product. Since chatbots are powered by AI, they will generate responses that sound as close to having a conversation with an actual person. 

It should also be noted that chatbots are active 24/7, meaning users can communicate with them as soon as they enjoy their first cup of coffee in the morning to when they pour a glass of wine after dinner. Nonetheless, chatbots work around-the-clock to get online visitors the help they need at any time and any day. 

Voice Search 

“Hey, Alexa. Where’s the nearest sushi restaurant that’s open?”

It’s not out of the question that users have changed the way they’ve performed searches online. Advancements in artificial intelligence have brought new technology into our smartphones and smart home devices. Today, all it takes is the click of a button and making a voice command to get the search going. 

In fact, Google has an algorithm for just about anything and voice searches are no exception. Its AI algorithm is known as RankBrain, which specifically decodes the user’s voice command even analyzing for conversational context that other AI systems are not accustomed to. This also speaks to long-tail keywords that are both SEO-optimized and conversational to get your website a high level of organic traffic. 

Do You Need Effective Digital Marketing?

With the ever-changing landscape of technology and artificial intelligence only getting more advanced, it’s no wonder why AI is at the helm of great marketing campaigns. As your leading digital marketing specialists. Implementing AI into your next strategy to connect with and understand your ideal audience is a make or break move. 

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