Why Video Matters To Marketing

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While everybody knows that content marketing is an amazing way to reach your target audience and build your brand, with all of the different methods of content marketing out there, it is video that is probably the most type than ever. Video is one of the most important ways to increase brand awareness, boost traffic, and in fact, this survey found that videos help businesses increase sales by a massive 34%! So why is video so important to marketing? Let’s paint the picture.

You Can Use Video in Many Ways

Video content is one of the most diverse forms of content out there. From streaming live content to creating bite-size content through social media, you can create stories that are quick and cheap to make. Additionally, you can go to the other end of the spectrum, and use video on a grander scale, for example, using webinars, and live streaming. In fact, live video has made significant growth in recent years and, when done right, can get six times as many interactions as regular videos. While YouTube is an obvious place to begin, you could use social media, webinar software but you can also use your website as it is the best platform to contribute content in a way that communicates who you are. Companies like WEBX360 can help you to create content via your website and utilize it in a better way to increase your prospects and sales. 

Videos Are a Great Way to Explain Your Products

Digestible content like video is an amazing way to explain a product. While blogs have their place, they can be harder to absorb due to the length of content. Customers will only purchase a product when they understand what it does. This is where video becomes such an amazing tool because of the visual element. Video content can explain what a product is about very simply, and a customer is not going to buy a product if they don’t understand what it does.

We Love Video

It has become more convenient for us to watch video content. According to YouTube, over a billion hours of YouTube content is viewed every single day. With social media platforms like Twitter, tweets with videos get 10 times more engagement than those without. Video is a very convenient way for us to get our information. If you do not create video, you might be missing out on one of the most popular ways we consume content. 

Video Increases Web Traffic

Companies that utilize videos will see a vast increase in web traffic. Adding an element as simple as a video can potentially double your web traffic. This is partly why video becomes so crucial to search engine optimization. Uploading videos that target common search terms can be a great way to get your business on the first page of Google, especially as Google includes YouTube videos at the top of the page for new search items.

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Video Is an Excellent Return on Investment

There are a myriad of factors that will factor into the ROI of your video content, such as the quality of your videos. But video is most definitely a great return on investment, even if you think of video being time-consuming and expensive. But there’s a wide variety of technology out there that makes it possible to create great video quickly without a large budget. In fact, you are very likely holding one in your hands right now!

Videos Are Easily Shareable 

If you want to increase the reach of your content, using video is the best way to do it. Social media videos get 12 times more shares than text and images combined, and as video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year, this is all down to the fact that video is infinitely more shareable than long-form content like a blog. When users are more likely to share your video, this will translate into increased brand awareness, which can turn into increased conversions.

It Becomes a More Personable Method

Looking to engage with your audience is about utilizing the brand in conjunction with the message. Sometimes, something can get lost in translation, especially when we are working on a blog or infographic. If you are looking for a way to stand out, video is one of the best methods because of its immediacy, but also its ability to translate a sense of uniqueness into your promotional materials. Being unique has long been a driving factor in cutting through the noise of marketing. Every company is bombarding prospects with promotional materials, and this is why engaging with a personal method such as video becomes invaluable. Engaging with your audience through vlogs or live stream services can increase engagements, but it also acts as an olive branch to your audience. There is something more personable about a human being on the screen rather than a banner or a myriad of sales tactics.

We Are Predominately a Visual Population

65% of the population is made up of visual learners. When these people see something, they are going to learn better. There are many different ways of learning, but this explains why viewers will retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, in comparison to 10% when they read it. A picture paints a thousand words, and if you have a 1000 word blog, this is not necessarily an effective return on investment. When it comes to making an immediate impression, video is the best approach. If a customer wants to dig deeper and engage with the finite components of your business, this is where other types of content become supplementary, such as blogs, but when you are looking for an amazing marketing tactic, this is where the visuals trump everything else out there.

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Video is an amazing way for marketers to reach people. It’s never been easier to create and share high-quality video content. If you are looking to diversify your content strategy, video is clearly the front runner. Video does not just matter to marketing, but it is pivotal to the success of any marketing campaign.

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