A Definitive Guide to Digital Book Marketing

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As much as it is difficult to grasp, writing a book is the ‘easy’ part of publishing one. If you’re writing a book, it means you have the expertise and interest in the topic that you’re writing about, but selling a book is an entirely different ballgame. The work doesn’t end at writing and publishing a book, but it starts with selling it. 

If you’re completely unfamiliar with this part of publishing a book, then you’re in luck. Through this article, we wish to share a definitive guide to digital book marketing that includes lots of eBook promotion tips. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Create a Dedicated Website

The best way to reach your target audience and connect with potential readers is to build a dedicated website for the book that you want to sell. It is important to have a platform with all the information about your book consolidated in one place. 

Most readers use Google or other search engines to find information about a particular author or book. So, if you have a dedicated website, the traffic would be directed there, and they’ll get all the information that they need from you directly. 

The website can help you collect a list of emails of all the interested readers with whom you can keep sharing information and updates. This way, you can create an audience organically. Social media accounts are very useful, but it’s equally important to have a dedicated website on which you have control over how and what you share with your audience. 

2. Do Targeted Social Media Outreach

Social media marketing takes a lot of energy, and it doesn’t bear results if you’re not doing it right. The trick is to find the target audience on each social media site. For instance, if you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn, you need to look for groups with a focus on the topic that you have written on. 

Build credibility as an expert on the topic by engaging with the audience actively before the launch of your book. You can use that credibility to create hype for the book launch and then have an audience that is already anticipating to read it. If you’re publishing a graphic novel or a comic, then Instagram or Pinterest might be the best place to promote that in addition to your website. 

3. Benefit from Amazon Special Offers 

Amazon usually runs very useful promotional offers for book authors to market their publications. These offers to increase your chances of getting noticed and discovered by an interested audience. Make sure you’re using keywords and important phrases in your descriptions so that the algorithm can work in your favor and make your book visible to the right audience.  

4. Get Reviews for Your Book

Reviews are one of the most important tools to get your book noticed by both the audience and Amazon. Work on getting reviews before the launch of the book and keep encouraging readers to leave reviews for your book. You can run giveaway campaigns where you offer free copies of your book to interested readers. Then, you can request them to write reviews for your book. 

Most readers are generous enough to write reviews if they enjoy the content of a book. If your book has ratings and reviews, then amazon would also list it higher and recommend it to people who are interested in reading such topics. 

5. Online Ads and Email Promotions

Email promotions are an excellent tool if you have a list or an already established audience. You can use platforms like MailChimp to run email campaigns and keep your readers in the loop about your work. 

We also recommend online advertising tools such as Google Ads, Amazon Ads and targeted social media ads to get your book noticed and out there. It is important to have an outreach strategy for pre-launch and post-launch campaigns. Marketing your book is not a one-off thing, so we also highly recommend seeking the help of professional book writing services that offer marketing services as well. 

6. Seek Professional Assistance

We highly recommend hiring a digital marketing agency or eBook publishers to help promote your book. A professional book marketer will tailor a strategy for your book specifically and set targets to achieve periodically. Not everyone has the time to work on their marketing campaigns on their own, so it is best to appoint a professional who can dedicate their time to this. 

Working with professionals pays off in the long run and helps you create a brand for yourself. They will ensure that your book is noticed by the right readers and you grow an audience. This also helps establish you as a credible writer that readers want to hear more from. It can turn out to be a foundation for another book. 

Final Thoughts

There is no single way to get the digital book marketing right. Different strategies work for different kinds of books. Consider working with a professional company to help sell your books online, especially if you’re an up-and-coming author.

Guest article written by: A Sr. Editor at Ghost eBook Writers – a company renowned for its superior book writing services, Rob Davis helps individuals and small to mid-sized businesses write and publish eBooks across various topics. With years of experience and expertise to his credit, Davis and his team have ghostwritten many well-researched and comprehensive books that relay the clients’ message with brevity and clarity. 

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