Core HR Operationalities That Magnifies Business Growth


Human Resource(HR) works as the strongest pillar of the organization that works as a link for the whole company. They are the true superheroes that care for the employees’ well-being and try their best to improve their engagement and productivity. The mentality of many individuals often thinks that the HR department just has to manage the recruitments, but is it really true? The answer will be sure ‘NO.’ They have to handle many organization’s activities. 

Core HR works as an umbrella under which all the basic HR processes are carried out. Want to know more about the Core functionalities of HR? This article will suit best for it. The following details will enlighten them and their importance for business growth.   

What Is HR?

Human Resources are the generic term used for managing the workforce of the organization. It is a separate department that works for employee and employee-related operations. Based on the type and size of the firm, their roles and responsibilities differ. Their list of tasks includes recruitment, generation of policies, management of employee relations, and many more.   

Core HR Operationalities

Core HR operationalities consist of handling all the workforce-related activities. It starts from the time the company recruits the candidate till they get retired or leave the organization. To get more insights into their core functionality, refer to the following points.

  • Find And Hire Right Candidate

For sustainable growth of the company, hiring the right talent becomes the prime responsibility of the HR department. They have to design their recruiting structure in such a manner that completely relates to the organization’s demand. 

Firstly HR managers have to understand the vacant position and their related qualification requirements. Based on that data, they have to prepare the job description and need to go on numerous platforms to reach the right candidate. The process does not end here. The next step is selecting the candidates from the vast list of resumes/ CVs. Afterward, scheduling of interviews comes. After conducting a list of interviews, they have to find the one applicant who satisfactorily completes the hiring process.            

  • Handles Salary-Related Concerns

As a working person, everyone is keen to get fair salaries for the work they perform for the respective industry. The whole basket of salary management is on the HR department. Depending on individual workers, their wages and related regulations differ. Combining all the data will lead to conducting the final stage, that is, salary calculations. 

It is an essential factor that decides employees’ retention rate. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the HRD to manage the whole payroll process considering all the indispensable aspects. Any errors in this procedure may affect the company to a considerable amount.            

  • Overall Development Of Staff

HR professionals are often called people operationalities handling jobs. It is true as they are the first person that meets the candidate physically and even understands them physiologically. With the entrance into the new working environment, every workforce needs training and knowledge with whom they start their job. They help the workers to get settled and familiar with the workplace. For that, HR members are considered to handle the onboarding and training sessions. 

For the development of the employees, training becomes an essential part of their working lifecycle. HR handles all these tasks for improving workers’ skills productivity and skills. Scheduling and giving a proper set of tools for completing their learning process comes under the HR department’s responsibilities.          

  • Foster’s The Best Practices

Being HR managers, they work as the voice of the employees. The tools and software the workforce needs, HR managers have to take care of it. They also handle the overall organizations working methodology. They also maintain all the administrative tasks and continuously make efforts to improve them. The HR department focuses on finding possible ways to enhance the communication between the teams and the overall company to keep the workforce aligned with the business aims.


HR works as a powerful tool that cares for the whole organization’s workability. They come up with strategies that enhance employees’ engagement, thereby improving their productivity. Along with them, they play a significant role in administrative activities. Combinedly considering they work as an inseparable part of every organization. Refer to the above points and understand core HR’s operationalities for the betterment of the business.     

Guest article written by: Shubham Joshi is an experienced content marketer at FactoHR. Passionate about training and development programs, he is always ready to help colleagues and customers by representing concrete ideas and methodology. Beyond work, he is well-equipped with problem-solving abilities. 

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