How to use social media for small business- 12 simple tips

When someone says social media, most people immediately think of sharing amusing content on Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to using social media channels for small companies, you must have a thorough knowledge of various social media platforms. Often, social media is left out of the equation or is used sparingly to demonstrate the business’s legitimacy.

We understand your excitement at the prospect of learning the ins and outs of social media marketing for your small company. However, you must understand why social media may be so beneficial to your company. 

Why Does Social Media Matter?

To begin to understand why social media is a must-have for small companies, let’s look at some statistics. 

Markets and small businesses are using social media to boost sales and revenue across the globe. Since the majority of the businesses are using it, you need to stand apart from your competitors to tell your customers why you are different from others. 

To help you with it, here are 12 important tips for social media to help you stand out from competitors. 

Determine the user persona

If you haven’t yet identified your goods, services, or offering’s target audience, you should begin here. First, you need to identify the user persona and the pain points of your target audience. 

If you’re unsure where to begin, logging into your existing Google Analytics account and enabling the interests area can be the right thing to do. From there, you can check which affinity groups have been identified.

To formulate an effective social media plan, you must identify their requirements, wants, and desires.  

Select the proper platform

Social media is a huge world, therefore it’s better to start with one. You can expand to multiple platforms after you’ve established yourself and discovered your voice. Conduct audience research and establish a presence on that platform first. You need to find out the social media platform on which your target audience is most active. 

Establish connections

You need to give your consumers a reason to follow you on social media. It is not just to hear you constantly talking about yourself. Would you maintain a friendship with someone who just keeps bragging about themselves? Surely not!

There has to be some reciprocity-they’re providing you with money and their attention, and you’re providing them with your product/service and good information. 

Each interaction broadens your social media reach. The more individuals that engage with you, the more probable it is that you will be discovered.

Pose questions to your audience and encourage them to share amusing or thought-provoking material with their peers. Provide them with a cause. 

Publish regularly

What’s equally critical is maintaining an active presence and publishing on your social media accounts frequently. To be sure, each platform is distinct. Therefore, what should you put there? 

For instance, Facebook enables you to share material in various forms, including pictures, videos, and connections to your website. Conveniently, users may simply share your material and assist you in growing your following.

Choose quality over quantity

You do not have to do everything on social media. It is much more critical to produce high-quality content on a few key platforms to interact with your audience than it is to be present on every social network.

Utilize the appropriate tools

Use technologies that automate or simplify a large portion of the process. Many tools can assist you in increasing your productivity, allowing you to make effective use of social media marketing for your small company without hiring a full-time social media staff.

Schedule your content to allow for more interaction time

We discussed establishing a social content schedule at the outset of this article. Once you’ve established a schedule, you can compose social media posts in advance and utilize scheduling tools to have them automatically posted at the appropriate times.

Reduce the use of pushy sales techniques to a minimum

Traditional, intrusive marketing ceased to exist a long time ago, and for a good reason. Individuals, too, do not want to be sold.

They are interested in developing genuine connections and relationships with you. That is the secret sauce to earning the confidence of your audience or consumers. 

Include the proper NAP information

Additionally, social media accounts are advantageous for another reason that benefits local consumers. They let you include critical information such as your name, address, phone number, and a link to your website.

Never overlook the importance of promotion

While it is critical to creating exceptional and varied content for social media, do not neglect the marketing process.

Utilize an SEO-centric strategy when publishing material on social media platforms (for example, utilize relevant hashtags on Instagram and popular keywords in titles/descriptions on YouTube). 

Optimize Your Timing

Determine the optimal time for you to publish on the different platforms where you are active. You can do it via third-party research, industry-specific data, and your experiments.

If you’re too busy to post to social media at various times during the day, consider using a scheduling service.  

Never Give Up

One last thing is to never give up. You have to be determined when it comes to social media. Social media for small companies must be a constant activity of posting and interacting to function effectively.

Keep in mind that your employees also serve as social media brand advocates. They are likely to be inclined to share a significant amount of your social material and have the potential to generate a local snowball effect. Recognize this and maintain an awareness of the value of these ‘in-house’ shares.


Social Media can be a tricky place, but the efforts you put out are definitely worth the trials and efforts. These tips are a starter pack for you to get your business on the right path towards social media success.

Remember- every business is different, what may work for another company may not work for you. However,with time you will be able to identify what works the best for your business on social media.

Guest article written by: Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

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